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Year of Projects: Week 23

It was really nice to have a long weekend here in the US for Memorial Day. Both my DH and I had a pretty quiet weekend, but I think we’re both back to 100% now, although our little town and the area where he works have been hit pretty hard by COVID these last couple of weeks, so it wasn’t just us! Lots to share, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

More progress on my Meadow Knots cowl. I have completed the second set of charts and started on the third of five, so not quite halfway through, but close. I also upgraded to the beautiful project bag I got yesterday from Alisaa over at Head Knits, which perfectly holds all the colors of shetland wool I’m using for this project, with room to spare! I love it (and yes, it’s fall themed but we’ve had 1 really warm day here, so now I’m done with summer and ready for fall).

I’ve also passed the halfway mark on my DK-weight Battenberg blanket. I have reached the point where each diagonal’s worth of blocks is getting shorter, so hopefully these last rows will go pretty quickly, and then I can move on to the border.

I started sock #2 of the Scribbly Gum Socks, designed by Helen Stewart, I’m knitting for my friend, Katie. I’m using MadTosh Sock in the colorway Logwood for these. I’ve got the cuff and a few repeats of the lace pattern done so far.

I did make some further progress on my Roses of Avon sample shawl knit but right now, it just looks like a scrunched-up dishcloth on the needles, so I’ll wait to take more pictures until I’m further along and maybe down to the first border.

I started several new things this week as well. First up, a pair of socks for Summer Sock Camp 2022, hosted by Kay, the Crazy Sock Lady. This is year 3 of camp, but the first I’ve joined. I’m also using these as my project for the month-long Yarn Love Challenge hosted by Toni over at TLYarncrafts. The pattern is another Helen Stewart one, Curling Mist Socks, and I’m using Suburban Stitcher Sock in the colorway Lazy River. These will be for my friend, Nic, who is a tall girl and needs large socks to fit her, so I’m making the 72-stitch/large size version for her.

And I also started yet another blanket. This is the Spots ‘n Stripes blanket, designed by Wool.Thread.Paint. I’m making my version in the called-for Stylecraft Batik. We have a family member going through a tough time right now and I’d like to see if I can steadily make progress on this to finish it sooner rather than later. I’ve got the first 9 of 81 blocks done so far.

I finished up the BFL roving spin I’ve been working on. This is a handpainted roving from deep stash, from Funky Carolina in the “Eowyn” colorway. It came out less pink than I thought it would, but I do like the muted, antiqued tones in it. I wound up with 275 yards of 2-ply yarn and 3.8 oz, so somewhere between a sportweight and a DK-weight. No immediate plans for this one, but probably mittens or something that can be hard-wearing with the BFL.

I also finished up the detail stitching on my wool applique last weekend. I just need to put the backing on it and this little one will be done. These are adorable but they will need a good lint-roller to lift all the “helper crafting animal” hair regularly, I think.

Finally, I also put some stitches into Desert Mandala. I’m working on bringing the woven border and the beaded triangular motif border down the right side currently. I was going to jump over and start work on the left-hand side to match, but I think instead I’m going to continue to fill in along this right side and work in a clockwise fashion to complete this bottom third, so we’ll see where that gets me in another week.

Have a great week YOP’ers!

22 thoughts on “Year of Projects: Week 23

  1. WOW you have been busy!! I love the sock patterns you have chosen. Alissa’s bag is adorable! congrats on snagging one. Your cowl looks amazing. What a treasure it will be to wear. Your Battenburg blanket is really beautiful.

    1. Thanks! The bag is absolutely perfect for larger projects and I love the fabric she used. I’m hoping to make some good progress on the Battenberg blanket this week; I’d love to have it finished up this month!

  2. I’m always amazed at how your list of things you love is right in line with mine. Also, we have had several days of “summer” so I too am ready for Fall!

  3. I hit the post button too soon! I LOVE Alissa’s bag and if I could I would buy one for sure but my budget is straining as we speak. The color work socks are so beautiful….I have got to make some! I love Helen Stewart patterns. The sock pattern is lovely. Seeing your so pretty blankets I am ready to wrap up the Giant Granny Square and start one of yours. Your project bags are so cool and so is The lazy River yarn. The cross stitch is really coming along and the applique is so cute. You get lots done each week…you’re my new role model!

    1. Helen has so many great patterns. It’s hard to pick from them to choose just one! LOL – I am happy to be an enabler. I probably spend too much time on my crafty things but I enjoy it a lot more than… cleaning… or other chore things!

  4. Oh!!! You bought Alissa’s bag .. good for you. Love everything you’ve been working on, especially your crochet project, it’s beautiful 😍

      1. That’s awesome! I think crochet is a nice change of pace to knitting and often enjoy it during the summer months for some reason.

  5. Glad you and your husband are feeling better! You’ve been busy, so many great projects. I like the sock patterns you are working on. I look forward to seeing what you make during camp!

  6. Glad to hear you and hubby are back 100%. That cowl is gorgeous. Lucky you to have gotten one of Alissa’s bags. She does such a great job on them. Your blanket is moving right along too. I really like everything about the Scribbly Gum socks. How nice of you to make socks for your friends. And making a 72 stitch sock makes you even nicer. Your spots and stripes blanket is going to be fun to watch grow. Your handsoun yarn looks so soft and nice. I agree that the colorway of it has a bit of an antique feel. So pretty. Congrats on getting thebstiyching done on the little applique mat. So cute. There are beads on your cross stitch? That thing is gonna be gorgeous.

    1. Thank you on all accounts 🙂 I am really enjoying making socks right now, so strike while the iron is hot, I suppose? There are indeed beads on the x-stitch project, as well as some larger “gem” sized beads which I’ll add as the last step in the process. They don’t do very well getting rolled up on the scroll rods so I’m waiting to add those, but the smaller seed beads seem to ride it out okay, so I’ve been adding those as I work along.

  7. Everything looks great! I’ve been really tempted by your Battenberg blanket to start another blanket with more color planning to it, but I’ve decided I need to finish up one of the 3 blankets currently on the needles first. 😉 I love those socks! They’re really pretty, and the pattern is a perfect complement for the yarn.

    1. I have no rational explanation for it, as I really prefer being a mostly monogamous project person, but I cannot stop starting new crochet blankets. I completely understand the draw!

      1. They are just so fun! And I think that also, because once you’re done with a square it’s “off” the needles because there are no live stitches, it feels like more progress is being made than on knit blankets where the stitches stay live. That’s my theory, anyway,

      2. They are just so fun! And I think that also, because once you’re done with a square it’s “off” the needles because there are no live stitches, it feels like more progress is being made than on knit blankets where the stitches stay live. That’s my theory, anyway,

  8. I recommend you summer in Scotland and bring your jumpers with you as some days you may still need them. Lol. As always I’m blown away at what you get done and to such a high level of skill

    1. Don’t tempt me. I do not like the heat AT ALL, so Scotland would be perfect for me. When we lived in northern Vermont in the mountains, we had about 10 days every summer I’d call “hot” and that was just about right for me. Of course, snow started in early October and usually lasted until May, but I will take that over searing sunshine anytime. Thank you! 🙂

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