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FO Friday – March 3, 2023

I managed to finish up my Quill shawl this week and I’m delighted with how it turned out. I knit this as part of a challenge to make something that was owl-themed and used at least 600 yards. The pattern is by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade, and calls for 3 colors of DK-weight. I substituted in Spun Right Round’s Sport (80/20 SW merino/nylon) instead and found the shawl came out a nice size, even going down a yarn weight. I did keep the needle size as called for in the pattern, so after blocking, this is lightweight and floaty. The colors are Pop a Wheelie (the speckled mid-tone), Hoof It (the chestnut brown) and Kewpie (the very lightly speckled pale peach).

I did make a few mods to the pattern as I was weighing my yarns frequently as I knit and knew I was going to be way under the yardage I was shooting for without them. The top striped section was knit as written. I worked the largest/deepest lace section (which is 10 rows) and then instead of working a 6-row section, did an 8-row section, then the 6-row section, then the 4-row section. I also added in 2 extra rows of the brown at the very bottom before binding off. Additionally, I did a stretchy lace bind-off and not the “bind off in pattern” as written. Those mods got me to 610 yards, so I just squeaked in under the wire for the yardage requirement.

As with all of Helen’s patterns, this is a fairly easy knit. Most of it is stockinette or the occasional garter stripe, with the lace sections being easy yo’s and K2tog or SSK’s. I did have to do a little bit of creative on-the-needles configuring since I added that extra lace section but the lace is pretty easy to read, so I just lined up the diagonal eyelets and kept going without worrying about numbers too much.

Overall, a fun and relaxing knit and a great way to use up those odd single skeins you have lying around. This one needs a light/medium/dark mix of colors in the 3 skeins, or two color constrasts (like a cool and a warm) plus one coordinating color to make the stripes show up appropriately. I don’t think the lace is particularly difficult, so this might be a good one to try if you are relatively new to lace knitting.

15 thoughts on “FO Friday – March 3, 2023

  1. Another beautiful 2023 finish! You are firing on all cylinders this year, making me jealous with all these pretty FOs. When I first started reading your post it was in black and white mode (which my phone goes to at night). Its looked lovely then, when the colour has just come on its even better.

  2. What a beautiful shawl. I love the colors together. They reflect the owl theme in an excellent way. Shawls are my favorite thing to knit. One can fudge a little with the yardage or make changes in the pattern and mostly they come out nicely. Helen Stewart makes that even easier with her % system.

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