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Year of Projects 2022: Week 13

Another really busy week around here, so I mostly worked on odds and ends of things, including:

The test knit socks. Finally able to share at least some visuals for these. The designer is Hanks and Needles and I am using Spun Right Round’s Classic Sock in the color Wool and Pine. Loads of cables on these plus a new-to-me heel which was fun to knit. I’ve got sock #1 finished up and am about halfway through the heel on sock #2. I’m going to try to finish up the pair this week.

I’ve also cast on for the Misurina Tee, pattern by Caitlin Hunter. I’m using a lovely merino/silk/yak blend from my now-closed business in a neutral gray for the main color and a bright red-purple for the floral motifs around the colorwork yoke. The yoke is a combination of the colorwork, plus a cable and lace pattern. I’ve only been working on this in fits and stars, so not much progress yet, but here’s what I do have accomplished:

Additionally, I’ve been trying to spin a bit each day, and I’m chugging along on the new superwash merino spin I decided on. Original roving is from Oceanwind Knits and I’m spinning it fairly thin, shooting for a fingering-weight yarn. I’d love to get this first bobbin filled this week, but we’ll see, as it is likely there will be another busy one coming up.

Otherwise, I’ve been also trying to work on the crochet Battenberg Blanket, so I’m working on squares as/when I have time to focus on that. Not enough progress to share with you on those with a photo, however.

I also am planning on working on my Desert Mandala cross-stitch project today (but no new progress images). I was hoping to get some devoted time together on that yesterday (Saturday) but instead, my DH helped me move around furniture in my office. I have a lot more online calls where I have to have my video turned on and I wanted something neutral behind me so we shifted my desk around to have a wall at my back, but then that meant shifting most of the other furniture in my home office, and then cleaning because that sort of shift means you see all the dust bunnies that were hiding. We also laid out the new garden area we plan to put in this year. All good and necessary things, but not much extra time for crafting that way.

Hope you have a great week YOP’ers!

20 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 13

  1. Well that sounds a fun week with a bit of this and that worked on. Working just on my shawl has made me appreciate the other crafts I have access to and so will follow your lead and try to mix things up a bit more this coming week. I dread to think of the dust bunnies behind my craft room desk. I’ve moved the room around a dozen times and never ever move the desk so there’s going to be 15 years worth of dust bunnies behind it. More like dust woolly mammoths. Lol

    1. I do like having different things to rotate through over time. I find it keeps me motivated to work on stuff without getting burned out. As part of our ongoing renovations to the house, we had all the flooring pulled up and replaced in 2018, so at least I knew there wouldn’t be accumulation longer than that since all the furniture had to go live in the garage while we had that done!

    1. I’ll let you know when it’s live. The designer was generous in the amount of time she budgeted for testing (2 months!) but I think everyone has at least sock one finished, and most of us are done or close to done sock two, so she might wind up releasing it early. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. That sock is gorgeous and I love that heel!! The tee you’re working on is lovely, you can never go wrong with her designs. Have a wonderful day 😊

  3. I love that sock; both the pattern and the yarn! Your Misurina Tee is gorgeous and again I love those yarns. I think I just want to make exactly what you make and in the same yarns. I’m not sure I am that good of a knitter though! LOL! Your spinning is also lovely. Sounds like you got some good progress done around the house which is always a good feeling. Have a great week!

    1. I don’t think of myself as a “spring cleaning” person and yet, everytime spring rolls around, I want to organize and clean, so I must be! I’m looking forward to having Misurina done to wear this year. I think it’ll be a great change-of-seasons layer!

    1. No specific plans for the fiber – but I’m leaning towards a shawl or something where it can be drapey (as opposed to socks). I should have a decent amount of yardage from it but sometimes that dictates what I make too.

  4. Ah yes – you go to make one change and suddenly ALL the furniture has to be moved – and don’t get me started on dust bunnies. My necklace just broke and the medallion went under the easy chair – and reaching under to get it was a nightmare!. Vacuum comes out tomorrow!

  5. The test knit sock is awesome. The heel is so unique. Love the way the cables weave down into it. Your sweater is going to be pretty. The colors are great together. Moving furniture is fun but a lot of work. Sometimes when we rearrange our furniture I find treasures. Like missing DPNs.

  6. I love the socks! The heel is really interesting!
    We have a lot of moving of furniture and cleaning up dust bunnies on our horizon too! Its not the funnest task, but it is a rewarding one.

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