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Year of Projects 2022 – Week 5

This week, I finished up sock #1 of the By Naughty Design pair. Pattern is from Hunter Hammersen and yarn is from Long Dog Yarns, their Bounce Sock Yarn in A Shortcut to Mushrooms colorway, the first of their LOTR-themed club colors. These are a bit fussy to work with lots of twisted stitches but I think totally worth it in the end for the sculptured look of the pattern. I’ll likely cast on the other one this week although I’m in no rush to finish this pair.

I’ve been focusing on trying to get the singles spun for the handcarded batts projects and I’m down to the last ounce to spin. Here’s how I prepped this final batt. I stripped off blocks of each color in order, not worrying overly about being precise. Some color blending is fine and helps make the transitions flow into one another.

So I have one bobbin completely finished with 2 ounces of batts on it, and I’m halfway done the second bobbin of singles. It’s gray and cold here today so I’m hoping for some time in front of the woodstove to get these singles finished up and then I can start plying this week!

Finally, I finished up the bottom partial page on my Winter’s Encounter cross-stitch project and started on the next partial page to the right of it. I’ll work on this for a couple more days and then switch to something else for the beginning of February. This one will be out again every month this year tho, as I’m trying to make some steady progress on it.

Have a great week YOP’ers!

20 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022 – Week 5

  1. That sock is wonderful. The texture is marvelous and gives it so much interest. Such pretty colors in your spinning. The Winters Encounter is breath taking.

  2. Those socks are really nice and cosy looking! It’s a crisp day here so I too have spent an afternoon in front of the fire with my wheel. It’s much better than heading out in the garden which I should be doing.

  3. Your spinning is amazing – the colour gradient is perfect. I am so in love with that horse and bird! What a treasured work of art it will be once it is hanging in your home.

  4. Beautiful spinning Anne and love the colors. I really need to knit a pair of those socks, such a unique design and as Marsha said, marvelous texture.

  5. Occasionally I have a bobbin that looks so pretty it could be an ornament, your gradient bobbin is the same. I keep knitting plain socks as I worry if patterned socks are comfortable inside shoes? Lovely projects this week

    1. I’ve never had an issue with patterned socks bothering me. I stay away from nupps or bobbles (unless they are on the leg only) but twisted stitches, lace, cables all seem to work okay for me.

  6. OHHHHHHHH wow! Your singles are truly beautiful. The colors remind me of a soft spring day.
    The cross stitch is also really great, you’ve gotten so much done on it!

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