WIP Wednesday: October 12, 2021

I’ve been focusing pretty exclusively on my Saligna sweater this week outside of my Year of Projects items, and I’m happy to report I am THIS close to a finish! I just have the last bit of the second sleeve and the sleeve cuff ribbing to knit, and then of course, the ends to weave in that I haven’t taken care of already as part of the knitting process.

It also needs a good blocking, but I should have sunny enough weather here to give it a bath and then lay it outside before the week’s end. I haven’t worked with this designer (The Cable and Lace Co) before, but I really like her patterns and style. She based in Australia, so this one is themed around eucalyptus trees native to her area of that country. The pattern is scheduled to release on October 25th, so I’m glad to have made good, steady progress on this one and can be sure to have the knitting done as well as notes to her about yardage usage before the deadline.

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