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FO Friday: July 16, 2021

Two finished things to share this Friday. It sure felt good to get a few more things crossed off my Year of Projects list. Frostwork Scarf: This pattern (Ravelry link) is another great one from Susanna IC. The pattern comes with instructions for a scarf and a blanket (or really large shawl), but I felt… Continue reading FO Friday: July 16, 2021

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WIP Wednesday – July 7, 2021

Not just a Work in Progress Wednesday, but more like a What I'm...... Wednesday. I'm in the midst of several larger knitting, spinning and reading projects, so I thought I'd do a mid-week summary, just to document. Knitting: About a third done the Frostwork Scarf. I'm trying to do a repeat or two a day… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – July 7, 2021

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Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 1 Update

Off to a good start, although a bit misleading since I did start the Lightweight Hipster scarf (Ravelry link) before July 1 as I wanted to use it for another challenge's project. It's actually completely finished and blocked - I did the last bits on July 1 to turn in as a finished piece for… Continue reading Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 1 Update

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Update – Year of Projects: 2021-2022

I've been enjoying reading the blog posts of the Year of Project participants who are finishing up (or doing a mid-year check-in post) for the 2020-2021 year. I hadn't really considered adding anything other than knitting projects, but having seen so many other interesting crafts highlighted, I think I'm going to add to my goals… Continue reading Update – Year of Projects: 2021-2022

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Knitting and Spinning Plans – May 2021

Disclaimer: I know Ravelry has been an issue for some folks, so please be aware that any Ravelry-focused links will take you over to that site. I will do my best to post image and links NOT attached to Ravelry but some things exist only in that universe. I will try my best to call… Continue reading Knitting and Spinning Plans – May 2021