FO Friday – May 26, 2023

Two finished things to talk about today! First, I finished the pair of striped plain vanilla socks I had been working on. These are knit using Hickory Lane Fiber Co’s sock base (75/25 SW merino/nylon) in the Luster Dust colorway with a contrast cuff, heel and toe (and stripes). A quick and easy knit that’s slated for the charity gift box. Since I used most of the contrast miniskein, I actually have enough yardage left of the MC for another pair, especially if I use some other mini for contrast cuffs, etc. My other option is to use this for half of a Musselburgh hat and I may go that route with a lighter color for the other half, so it’ll be reversible and look like 2 different hats. More on that once I decide the final destination.

Next, I also finished up Spirea. This shawl was a kit from A Verb For Keeping Warm and was the October 2022 club kit I’m just getting around to working up. I absolutely LOVED the yarn base – Flock, which is a single-ply Rambouillet wool (very soft, very springy) that was dyed in 2 natural-dye colors. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t think much of this kit when it arrived. The green wasn’t exactly my thing but I was proven wrong because this project is so lovely when completed and I enjoyed every minute of working on it. The shape is a simple triangle with increases along one edge, and the knitting is a basic knit/purl pattern with loads of texture. The contrast color flowers are added in as embroidered details and I think elevate this one to a lovely springtime vibe.

Modifications: I worked the embroidery a bit differently than the pattern is written. I used a single strand of the yarn and worked each petal double (rather than working with 2 strands of yarn). I found that made the flowers lay better. I also added a x-stitch over the center to anchor the ends of the yarn and I think it helped the flowers hold their shape better too. Additionally, I had enough of the main color to do one more full repeat of the pattern so this is a bit bigger than written (which I think is a good option – the original is more like a small shawl). Finally, I opted not to include the mini tassels on mine, as I like the clean I-cord edging.

Really delighted with how nicely this one turned out!

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