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Year of Projects: Week 15

I finished up my Pebble Beach shawl this week. You can read all the details about it over here.

I’m continuing to chip away at my Copenhagen Cardigan, designed by Petite Knit. I’ve worked the body down to the point where I inserted the pockets (which look a bit odd hanging out the bottom but it’s a bit of a different construction than I’m used to – will see how everything looks once the body is finished. I think I’ll wind up having to do some tack-down sewing to get them to lay properly.). I’m holding a strand of Rauma’s Finullgarn together with their mohair lace base (Plum) for this one. I’m a bit further along than this picture but hoping to finish up the body this week so I can move on to the sleeves.

I also have made some good progress on the self-striping socks I’m making for my mum. Yarn is from Desert Vista Dyeworks in the Time Out and Take Five color. I added in contrast Fish Lips Kiss heels in a chocolate brown.

And finally, I pulled out the next Cast-on Madness WIP to finish – the Teacup Shawl from Kelene Kemmersley. I’m using Magpie Fibers Swanky DK, a merino/silk blend, which has a gorgeous shine and drape to it.

Also still chipping away at the first bobbin of singles on my current handspun project of a soft and bouncy merino fom Port Fiber in the Luna Lovegood colorway. Also hoping to finish this bobbin’s worth up this week. Additionally, I started a new crochet blanket (why yes! I have several on the go!) – Origami Blanket. I’m using DK weight merino in various colors from Green Letter Day. Just a few squares accomplished but these are a good portable project right now, so I’m hoping to keep adding to the stack.

That’ll do it for me this week YOP’ers. Have a great one1

21 thoughts on “Year of Projects: Week 15

  1. Your cardigan looks great. I’m looking forward to what you think about pockets. I’m worried about them stretching so I’ve avoided patterns with pockets. Love your self striping socks. Great colors.

    1. I will definitely report back on the pockets. I haven’t worked this particular style and am a bit worried there will be a lot of density in that area (because it’s 3 layers and not 2 like am used to). I don’t think they will stretch much – but honestly? I think that is driven a lot by the yarn. SW merino – yes for stretching. I knit a BFL cardi with pockets that I wore for years and years with no problems. (But also honestly I didn’t put tons of heavy things in them – kleenex, keys, occasional oddments but never overloaded and they did fine).

  2. Love the Pebble Beach shawl. It looks so delicate. Your cardigan is lovely. I am interested in how your pockets turn out. I have not done pockets before. Oh, a new crochet blanket….I love to make blankets! That one looks like fun and I like the 2 tone squares. Enjoy your week!

  3. I’m interested to see how the pockets work out. I do like cardigans with pockets but haven’t given them a go yet. I did frog a jumper which was bottom up and I’d done the pockets but prefer knitting top down so I hope these pockets work for you and I can copy hehe!

    1. I will let you know. The ones I’ve done in the past involved an actual ribbed edge (as opposed to this fold-over one) and one less layer of knit, so we’ll see how these lay, but I think they’ll need some brisk blocking and maybe some tacking-down to look nice. More to come!

  4. What a terrific line-up of projects. The single on the bobbin looks beautiful. I’m a rather new spinner and always interested in where spinners shop for fiber.

    1. PortFiber is in Maine and is a great place to pick up interesting fibers. Most of my things are very deep stash but if you need suggestions for places to find interesting things, let me know!

  5. Everything looks great! I’ve worked a cardigan with pockets similar to those before (though mine were afterthought pockets) and they work better than I had anticipated. I had been planning on tacking mine down, but never ended up doing that. I used a sportweight yarn for that sweater, though. I’ll be curious to see what the pockets end up like in your sweater.

    1. This is working up like a sportweight, so I suspect will be similar. I did get through them this week and preblocking, they are a bit curly/rolling up so I’ll tack them down and see how things relax once it’s a completed/blocked garment.

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