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Year of Project 2023: Week 14

I didn’t get it together for an FO Friday post this week, so I’ll start off my YOP update with my finished Kingsfoil socks. The pattern is from Virginia Sattler-Reimer and I used a skein of Bounce Sock in the LOTR Book Nook colorway for mine, so an all-things-LOTR-themed pair! This is actually a fairly straightforward pattern despite the fact that it looks complicated. I had to pace myself on this as small-circumference/gauge needles bother my hands still, but I did manage to get them done before the end of the month! (The color on the left is a bit more true to life. The right is a bit blown out by early morning sun.)

Otherwise, I picked two knitting WIPs to focus on until they are finished. I’m about 50% done my Pebble Beach Shawl, design by Helen Stewart. I’m knitting this in a skein of handspun merino wool, original roving from Oceanwind Knits. This is a nice, easy, relaxing project with just enough yarn-over interest to keep you motivated to knit another row. The other project is my Copenhagen Cardigan, designed by Petite Knit. I’m using 1 strand of Rauma Finullgarm held with 1 strand of Rauma Plum to knit up this cozy, fluffy raglan. I’ve split the body and sleeves and tried it on to make sure the yoke is deep enough (it is), and am about a third of the way through the body. I’ve got maybe 3-4 cm before I will be ready to add in the pockets, but this is otherwise a completely mindless knit of stockinette back and forth.

I’ve also got 2 crochet projects on the go. A mini hexagon blanket in reds/pinks that I’m using as my #the100dayproject. I’m trying to work one of these up a day so I’ll have the blanket about 25-30% done by the end of the 100 days. I’m working this in sock yarns. I’m also continuing to add stripes to my sock yarn granny stripe blanket and enjoying watching the colors play together in this one as well.

Otherwise, I did reach my 2K stitches mark on my cross-stitch piece – but it looks basically the same as last week so I’ll wait until I add another week of stitching to it before I show it again. I’ve also been slowly working on the first bobbin of handspun merino singles, which also looks pretty much the same, so I’ll make further progress on that before I share photos.

Have a great week YOP’ers!

16 thoughts on “Year of Project 2023: Week 14

  1. Your progress is mind blowing to me. Everything looks so perfect and pretty! I keep giggling at your LOTR references because my husband is reading it to me at night to help me sleep!

      1. This is actually about the 20th time through it all… Since I end up falling asleep, I hear new things every time he reads it to me! It’s his all-time go-to for reading as well!

  2. The colorway on the socks is gorgeous! The yarn shows off the pattern well too. All of your projects get so much live each week from you. Amazing!

  3. What pretty socks, I love that icy blue colour. Those hexagons really are gorgeous colours too, will you put a cream or grey between to join them or a contrasting warm red or pink?

    1. Thank you! I’m actually thinking of just connecting the hexis with an invisible join but my backup plan is kind of a sand/cream color if I decide to do a more visible joining round.

  4. Everything looks great! I especially love the socks and the hexagons. I’m almost to the point where I can let myself be tempted by your blankets… I’m so close to do with my longest-standing blanket project… ;-()

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