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Year of Projects 2023: Week 12

I worked on quite a few things this week, here and there. I did finish up a couple of things – a skein of handspun and another hat – which you can read about in my FO Friday post here.

If you’ve been here a while, you know I cast on a lot of new things in January and February, and I’m now going back to chip away at all of those starts. I’m working mostly on things that either don’t require very small circumference needles and/or things where I can use my left hand a bit more. (I’m still struggling a lot with hand and joint swelling right now. Let’s all be hopeful I can get in to see a consulting rheumatologist soon!) I did get the second Kingsfoil sock on the needles but that is slow going right now so I’ve just got the ribbing and 2 repeats completed. I also pulled out the Pebble Beach shawl (pattern by Helen Stewart) I’m knitting up in a handspun merino and have reached the 20% mark on that. It’s an easy pattern, mostly stockinette with interspersed eyelet rows. I also have been working on my Copenhagen Cardigan by Petite Knits using Rauma Yarns Finullgarn and Plum held together. this is also a pretty basic stockinette pattern. I have 10 more raglan increase rows to go per the pattern and I’ll work those and then give it a quick try-on to make sure the yoke will be deep enough before I split for the sleeves.

Additionally, I’ve put a few more rows into my scrappy Granny Stripes Blanket, which I’m working using a mix of sock yarn leftovers and miniskeins, all in teals and blues. My next handspun project is going to be a fairly large (9.4 oz) batch of hand-dyed merino wool from Port Fiber in Maine, in the Luna Lovegood colorway. I was worried this roving would be a bit felted since it’s been in stash for quite a while, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it isn’t and spins up like a dream.

No progress this week to speak of on my cross-stitch or any hand sewing things, so that’s all for now, YOP’ers. Have a great week!

13 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2023: Week 12

  1. Hopefully you can get some relief from a Dr soon. Hand and wrist pain is not a crafters friend. All your WIPs look good. Love the sweater with the halo of the yarn. I have a granny strip blanket going with fingering weight Scraps. It has been knitting time out for over a year. Not a fan of how slow going it is.

    1. Those blankets are definitely slow-going. I try to be philosophical about how long it takes to make them – and time-outs don’t speed you along unfortunately (would that they did!)

  2. These projects all look great! I love the idea of a granny stripes blanket… it seems like it would be a good way to use up yarn leftovers, too, at least for yarns where you have enough for a full stripe. I hope you can get your joint issues under control soon!

    1. A great way to use up leftovers. I did some swatching with mine and found I can get a RS/WS (so 2 rows of striping) out of about 9 g of yarn, so the 20-gram minis give me two of those 2-row stripes with a wee bit left (not enough to keep usually), and it gives me an idea of what I need if I want to do a true leftover/oddment. Nice TV-watching or reading project too!

  3. Oh my goodness, all your yarns look so beautiful that it has to be fun to work on the various projects. I hope you get some relief for your hands. My hubby’s hand joints are very swollen so I know the day will come when chopping is going to be a problem for his cooking. So far all his fingers are functional and not too painful.

  4. I am definitely enjoying having a selection of fun things to pick from! Ah! I feel for him. I think the worst is the thumbs – you don’t realize how much you use your thumbs until they aren’t working properly!

  5. Here’s hoping you get your consultation soon. The beautiful projects will be there when you are ready!

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