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FO Friday: March 17, 2023

Two finished things to talk about today!

I zoomed through a Mountain Topper Hat. I decided to use the leftovers from my Quill shawl, so the colors in this might look familiar. All of the yarns are Spun Right Round Sport. I still didn’t use up all of the leftovers so I suspect there will be at least one, maybe two more projects with this palette. (Which looks so different to me when combined this way than in the shawl.) Pattern is by Kirsten Kapur and I knit the adult medium size. I did change up the final 6 decrease rounds so it’s less slouchy by knitting a decrease round without a matching “knit plain” round in between. A fun, easy beginning colorwork pattern if you want to dip your toes into stranded knitting as there are only a few rounds with that technique. I think you could also knit this as a 2-color hat if you didn’t have 3 colors and it would be fun that way too.

I also finished up a skein of handspun this week. The original fiber is a BFL wool from Pigeon Roof Studios. The colorway is Mephistopheles and is a fun moody-broody mix of dark charcoal, grays and a rusty red. I spun this as a 2-ply using a fractal spin technique (where one half of the roving I split into large sections (4 in total) and one half I split into smaller sections (9 in total) and spun each of the sections into singles, then plied them). I wound up with 220 yards out of 3.9 oz, so something in the DK/light worsted family. No specific project planned yet for this one although I think it would be great paired with a tonal hand-dyed yarn in black or light gray.

11 thoughts on “FO Friday: March 17, 2023

  1. These both look great! I don’t know if I’ve knit with BFL before or not (I don’t do a great job of keeping track of fiber content in my head, though it is all recorded in Rav) but it looks lovely to spin with.

    And you’re right about the way the colors look in the hat vs. the shawl! I can see now that it’s the same yarns, but I wouldn’t have realized if you hadn’t said. It’s so neat how different patterns can do that.

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