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Year of Projects 2023: Week 5

Lots of stuff on the go again this week. If you’re interested in a couple of finished projects, hop over to my FO Friday post here. I’ll have at least one, maybe two FOs to share at the end of this week as well!

First off, I finished up another small skein of handspun in the Hilltop Cloud Fibre gradient pack I’ve been spinning for eons. I finished up the smaller one of these (87 yards) earlier this month and can now add the slightly larger 192-yarder to the pile of finished miniskeins. The gradient is REALLY subtle, but I’m hoping the last 2 colors will show the move over to more of a lighter/brighter purple. The original blend has a fair amount of gray in it and we’re slowly working to a light mauve. I’ve got two shades left, which will probably be about the same amount (I think around 65 grams of fiber left to spin; these totalled 69 g out of the 250 for the entire set).

Next up, I also finished up my 30-day sashiko project. I really enjoyed working on this kit from Snuggly Monkey (who have an Etsy store with reasonable prices). I think the original kit was designed to be used as a pillow as there is an equal amount of unstitched indigo blue cotton that came with the kit. I’m going to use that plus plain white cotton and some indigo striped scraps for a table runner as another 30-day project later this year. The technique is very similar to quilting, although the needle and thread used are much thicker and you’re only going through one layer of fabric. I did find it really meditative and quite enjoyable, although I don’t think I will add this hobby to the regular line-up. I need to pick a project for February. Undecided as of today if I’m going to do a wool applique kit or maybe try some soap-making. Leaning towards the latter but TBD.

I also have a few things on the needles right now. I have had 3 skeins of Valley Yarns’ Northfield in stash for over 10 years. It’s a dark red color and honestly a really nice yarn (merino and silk) with a bouncy hand. No idea what I originally purchased it for but it was on my list for “do something with this stash” for this year, and I decided to cast on a Florence hat. I test knit this one last year for Jen Paroccini and it is a lovely design. Since this is technically a DK and Jen’s pattern calls for sportweight, I went up a needle size and am doing an adult small in terms of the numbers, but which should wind up fitting an adult medium/large with the change in gauge. I have the ribbing finished and have just started the textured main section. Hoping to have this finished up this week.

Additionally, I have the Quill shawl from Helen Stewart on the go as well. I’m at about the 20% mark, based on Helen’s pattern info. I’m using 3 colors of Spun Right Round Sport for this and enjoying this easy, relatively mindless knit with stockinette stripes and an occasional garter stitch highlight. No specific goals on this one – I just plan to keep going on it as I have time.

No cross-stitch photos this week to share. I’ve had limited stitching time but I want to see if I can make more progress on my Chesterton piece over the next couple of days to close out the month, so will share that with you next week. Have a good week YOPer’s!

15 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2023: Week 5

  1. Your sashiko turned out great. it is quite striking and I think making this into a table runner is a grand idea. The yarn for your hat is gorgeous. It looks so squishy. I bet it will be super warm too. Very pretty colors in your shawl. Earth tones tend to wash me out but I love to look at them.

  2. Ooh I love the tone of that red on the hat. Gorgeous! I can see a slight difference between the purples, I have thought a few times about trying her fibres or gradients but I have so much fibre I need to use some up before I treat myself.

    1. She does have really nice fibers. I was in her Time Travelers club a while back and I still have 8 oz to spin up of the last of those packages, as well as a few more gradients of hers, which I really enjoy spinning.

    1. A shawl of some kind, most likely, but I haven’t landed on anything specific. I will probably be guided by the amount of my final yardage. It’s a really subtle gradient, but I like subtle πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, I’m just amazed at all the crafts you do. Your stitches look fantastic on that deep blue fabric. I really do not enjoy sewing so quilting or making clothes are easy for me to avoid. But that spinning is a tempting craft to try. But I don’t need another hobby that creates stash. I will be trying felting in a few months so we will see if I can control my purchase impluses with that. πŸ™‚ I love wool/silk blends so I’m sure that hat will feel amazing when worn. Love the yarns you are using in your shawl. I’d wear it a bunch!

    1. It is a conundrum – fiber stash into yarn stash is still stash! I learned to sew about the same time I learned to knit and I really enjoy hand-sewing, so maybe it’ll be making a comeback into the mix more.

  4. The sashiko is lovely. I like your idea of a table runner. I have made several and find them more usable as I can rotate them on and off a sofa table. Your spinning is beautiful. I’ll be interested to see more of the gradient all together.

  5. Lovely work! I’m sold on the sashiko-as-pillow now even more than before. I’m going to bookmark Snuggly Monkey’s Etsy store so that I can pick up one of their kits later this spring once I’ve finished up a project or two currently on the go.

  6. The yarn turned out so pretty and I love the Sashiko. Is ti always done on navy blue fabric? It would make a darling pillow. I love the hat especially in that gorgeous red yarn. I am late posting as we lost power this week with an ice /rain/sleet/snow storm! LOL!

    1. From what I learned (and I am no expert!) sashiko is traditionally done on indigo fabric (it was a mending technique used by Japanese farmers/laborers) but I think in it’s current “elevated” form, you could do it on any color as long as there is enough contrast between the fabric and thread to see the stitching. Yikes! I hope all your power is back on – some bad winter weather you had there!

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