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Year of Projects 2023: Week 4

Lots of things on the go again this week. I did finish up another hat, but I’ll save that for a post for FO Friday.

Progress on my Cliff Walk socks continues. I’m actually a bit farther along, having turned the heel and started the foot on sock 2. I should be able to get this pair finished up this week.

I also cast on a new shawl project, another pattern from Helen Stewart: Quill Shawl. I’m using 3 colors of sportweight from Spun Right Round for my version. It’s a top-down, fairly straightforward shawl that’s mostly stockinette with a few rows with some eyelets. I’m enjoying working with this not-typically-me color palette and am cruising along through the striped stockinette section.

I’ve also been working on another miniskein’s worth of handspun singles. I have the first half spun and am working on the second half in the hopes of having those done to ply up this weekend. I’ve also been chipping away at adding the final 52 granny squares to my Beach Walk Blanket. Now that I can see the end point, I’d like to get it finished up!

Finally, a bit of work on my December new start cross-stitch project, Chesterton on Blue Quilt. I have about 1500 stitches into this and I’ve been mostly focusing on getting the blue border put into place. This is a fairly small piece, compared to most of the full coverage designs I work on, so I’ve hit both the left and right side edges already. This will be out through the end of January.

That’s all for this week YOP’ers!

15 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2023: Week 4

  1. The variegated yarn is really knitting up beautifully. I’m always surprised at how different the knitted yarn looks versus the cake of yarn. Your yarns look very pretty for the shawl. I look forward to seeing how they all knit up.

  2. I LOVE the new cross stitch! When I first looked at it on my phone, I thought the image on the right was a picture of your cat!! I sure feel silly now, having looked at it on a larger screen.
    The socks are a beautiful color, and I love the understated beauty of your new shawl project! Sometimes outside our (color) comfort zone works perfectly!

  3. A whole bunch of eye candy for sure! I too thought the cat was real until I realized it was your new XS piece. That is going to be gorgeous! I love the hexies as that is something I work on from time to time. The socks are heavenly. I want to start doing solid color socks. I’m getting tired of self-striping and would like to do more patterns in the sock itself. That pair is so pretty. The yarns for your shawl are lovely and I really like the combination of all three. Enjoy your new projects!

    1. I’ve been tempted by paper piecing – but trying to resist as I suspect I would love it and then fall firmly down that rabbit hole! I really like Helen’s patterns with texture – they seem to have just the right mix of fun and detailed without being overly complicated.

  4. Well I’m the 3rd reader that thought the car was real for a moment, lying on the pattern photo 😂. I used to wear a lot of earth tones and then stopped for some reason, these are a beautiful collection together so I’m sure the finished shawl will look lovely.

  5. Chesterton is going to be gorgeous. He has such personality in his expression. Your shawl is pretty. Those colors go together nicely. The cliff walk socks have great texture. That adds so much interest to socks.

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