FO Friday: Evening Dew Hat

I’ve finished up a small project to share for this first FO Friday of the year. If you’ve followed me here for a while, you may recall that last year around this time I cast on and knit a Love Note sweater using a combination of McMullin Fiber Co’s Posh Sock (SW merino, silk, cashmere) and a strand of their kid mohair/silk laceweight, both in the Desert Rose colorway. I had almost a whole skein of each leftover, more than enough for a hat.

We have a wonderful pet-sitter who used to care for our entire menagerie back when we had horses, plus dogs and the cat. We no longer have horses, and are down to just 1 dog/1 cat, and she has sort of retired from pet-sitting, but her dog and our Lizzie are just a couple of months apart in age, and they are both about the same size and same level of goofiness, so when we go away, Lizzie gets to go over to her boyfriend’s house for the time we’re gone (and Gale checks on the cat once a day), and run around, play ball and tug-of-war, and be generally spoiled. I know that Gale tends to wear a lot of pink, so I thought this would be the perfect dog-walking hat for her – warm and cozy and soft (and pink).

I used the Evening Dew hat pattern, which matches the Evening Dew sweater I’m making in completely different yarn. This is a great-fitting design. A bit looser than a true beanie, but not super slouchy. I love the textured pattern on it, which looks complex but is actually pretty easy to work. I used 260 yards to knit this up and it was a fast knit on US size 4s. Lizzie and I are going to take this over as a thank-you gift this weekend, for all the kindness Gale’s shown our critters over the years.

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