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Year of Projects 2023: Week 2

Hannah and I are beginning to get into a schedule and rhythm that has allowed me to actually do some knitting in the evenings again. (She gets cranked up around 8:00 pm when she starts running laps again, so I take a break for some play-time before bed. Kitten energy could run the world.)

I was able to finish up the Evening Dew Hat, but will show that off on Friday, as well as a very small skein of handspun I completed this week.

Otherwise, I’ve been mostly working on socks. I am ready to add in the contrast Fish Lips Kiss heel on the self-striping socks (yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks), and last night, I turned the heel and started the gusset on the Cliff Walk socks.

I’ve also been working on a couple of non-knitting projects this past week. I started on my 30-day “learn something new” challenge, with a sashiko kit from Snuggly Monkey (on Etsy). The kit came with everything you need to do some basic sashiko – fabric with the pattern already on it, thread, needles, an instruction card – and I watched some videos. It’s basically a long running stitch so if you’ve done other hand-sewing techniques, it will probably come easily to you. The traditional indigo blue and white thread is a classic and I chose some interlocking floral motifs for mine. I’m finding this a very meditative craft and nice to add in a thread in the mornings while I drink my tea.

I’ve also been working on my focus cross-stitch project for the year. This is Winter’s Encounter, charted by Heaven and Earth Designs from artwork by Laura Prindle. I’ve put in just over 1000 stitches this week, and I’m inching towards the 50% mark, which will be a great milestone. This will be out for another week or so. I’m going to try to put 2K stitches a month into it, or a bit more as I have time, and then use the remainder of the month for another full coverage project to rotate through my current WIPs.

Have a great week, YOP’ers!

18 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2023: Week 2

  1. I love the socks! And the sashiko project looks really neat. It’s not a craft I’m familiar with, but I can see where it would get very meditative indeed. Maybe I’ll look into getting a kit of my own at some point? Though I think my first “new” craft project is going to be a felt appliqué kit I have but haven’t started yet. (I know I did some of this kind of craft many many years ago, but I have lost all memory of actually doing it.)

    1. Felt applique sounds fun! I’ll vote for that. The kit I picked up from Snuggly Monkey was very reasonable (like under 15.00). It’s basically just a long running stitch, but I like the way the stitches look with the white on indigo.

      1. I’m going to have to look up some sashiko kits. It looks really fascinating, and I think it would make for some stunning throw pillows. I read up on the craft yesterday after seeing your post, and the history behind it is neat, too.

  2. Sashimi sewing is quite interesting. Never heard of it before. That design looks similar to a quilting pattern. Love the indigo with the white. Kitten power is awesome.

  3. What pretty socks! I’m going to look into that sashiko kit. I’ve had it on my list for awhile….I need another project like I need a hole in my head. I wonder if you could use that method for hand quilting?
    I know you are a lover of books and I have been listening to the audio podcast Bookcase which is great to listen to while knitting or any handwork. I also enjoy the You Tube podcast by Miranda Mills who recommends very enjoyable English classics and old books many of which I can find on Thrift Books. Even some Persephone books. Just an FYI.
    Your XS is gorgeous! I had horses when I had my little farm and I still love them and miss them. Your Winter Encounter is a masterpiece! I used to love going out to feed them in the barn after work during a snow storm. Their breaths steaming up the air and if I got cold I would just put my arms around them and get warmed up. I miss those days and my horses.
    Have a great week and enjoy your lovely projects!

    1. You could definitely use it for hand quilting – it’s really just the quilting stitch done with thicker thread/needle. (And with a similar technique, come to think of it). Thank you for the podcast recommendation – I will definitely check those out!

      I do miss my horses but hay had gotten so expensive here, it was a good time to not put more critters into the barn when we lost my old guy.

  4. I got a “new” cat too! But she isn’t a kitten. It must be new cat month!!
    I love the sashiko technique! I does look rather like quilting! Are you going to frame it or use it like you would use a patch for sewing?

    1. Must be! Is yours a shelter pet?

      My current (tentative) plan is to use the sashiko piece as the center of a table runner. I have other indigo-ish scraps I thought I’d use to piece strips on either side and extend the length.

      1. Yes, both of our cats were from the Humane Society of Carroll County via PetSmart! Both have been great editions to the family.

        Using the sashiko as the center of a runner sounds amazing!

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