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Year of Projects 2022: Week 51

Checking in as we move towards the end of the year. I always love this time of contemplative planning and relative quiet. Gifts are all wrapped and sent, and work is relatively quiet. It’s been very cold here (single digits in Farenheit) so we’ve had a warm and cheerful fire going most days, which is perfect for curling up in my chair and doing some crafting.

First up, I’ve finished sock #1 and have gotten the heel turned for the second sock on my 3 Leaves pair. Design is from Paula Pereira and I’ve got a shawl design from her lined up for 2023; she has nicely written and detailed designs. I’m knitting these in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-ply in the Pacific colorway.

I have also been working along on my husband’s Musselburgh hat. I’m basically where I was last week with the exterior finished and the interior/lining started but I had him try it on and the fold-up brim wasn’t as deep as he wanted, so I frogged the interior and added on a couple more inches to the exterior/brim and then am reknitting the interior. No photos of that as it looks basically as it did last week.

After getting to the halfway point on all of my Quiet Voices advent box miniskeins with the crochet blanket squares I’m making, I started to join them together, but I didn’t love how they looked when butted up against each other, so I decided to try one round of double-crochet in an off-white/undyed color to unify them a bit and much preferred how that looked, so I’m going back and adding that border to each of the squares. I did start rejoining the first row and rather than using a flat slip-stitch, I’m using a zigzag method which has a bit more of a ridge/bump on the front, but is smooth on the back and stretchy, which I like. I’ll be joining these up to form a 7 x 7 block throw, and I’ll add a final border in the off-white yarn to finish it off. I’m still hoping I can get this done during the month of December, but we’ll see how it goes!

Finally, I have been working steadily on A Long Winter’s Nap. This is a full coverage piece, charted by Heaven and Earth Designs with artwork by Dona Gelsinger. This is an ornament version, which means it’s been cropped in a circle, and will be about 12 x 12 when it’s finished. I’m at just over the 40% mark and will be working on this through Christmas before I switch to a new project.

That’s it for me this week, YOP’ers!

12 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 51

  1. OMG the ornament cross stitch is amazing. Unbelievable! Had to chuckle about enjoying reviewing as the year ends. I’ve already started my end of year blog post as well as started by 2023 knitting planning. Love the color of the yarn you are using for your sock.

  2. The squares look so much nicer with the border on them. The will be a lovely throw when completed. The color if the socks is so rich. The detail shows so well too. Now, the xs……amazing!

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