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Year of Projects 2022: Week 45

I think I’m in denial that it is almost November already! This year has totally flown by and now that we’re into my favorite time of the year, I am really longing for the hours and days to slow down a bit. Let’s take a look at what I’ve been working on this week, shall we?

I have finished the Aloft shawl, but will do a proper FO post on that this week with photos. That, however, is off the needles.

I have cast on a pair of self-striping socks for a friend who loves the now-defunct Firefly series (why on earth that show got cancelled I will never understand), using Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso Sock in the colorway Big Damn Heroes. I am a bit further along on these, having turned the heel on sock one, but these are my easy knitting project for right now so I will pick these up as I have need for something mindless.

I also cast on for a hat using a lone skein of Black Isle Yarns Balblair DK. This is a natural gray, a blend of Gotland and BFL fibers, that I received in a “tasting box” last year. I honestly thought this one was going to be kind of wiry but I’m delighted to say it has a beautiful hand that is crisp and while not merino soft, is much softer than I thought it would be. I’m making Stephen West’s Dustland hat, which has some basic knit/purl gansey-type bands to it. I’m up to the crown decreases already so this one will be off the needles this week and ready for the charity gift box.

I’ve also been working on my Beach Walk Blanket. I have 3 sides done of the mini granny squares and I have the squares for the 4th and last side done – they just need to be attached. Once that’s completed, that will get me to the final big rounds with a few stripes, regular-size granny squares and then a final striped border. It’s lovely to be able to work on a big snuggly blanket now that the cold weather is upon us.

Last but not least, I have started on the final landscape piece of my Desert Mandala. This represents Arches National Park, which is not too far from us in southern Utah (so just north and slightly west of where we live). When we lived in Utah and had our horses we rode here several times and it is an amazing geologic area. Hoping to get this section finished this week with an eye towards putting the final crystals/beads into the remaining sections and having this one done!

14 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 45

  1. Oh wow, now I feel we are very connected. If I look out of the window I can see the Black Isle and have met Julie who owns Black Isle yarns and she carefully selects the fleeces to send off for spinning and naturally dyes them. I also have some of her yarn in my stash. I’ve now forgotten the other things I was going to say as I’m just so excited that you are using a yarn from my nearest to me local dyer.

    1. That settles it. When we next head across the pond, we are coming your way. I think this yarn is a new all-time favorite and it gives me a little shiver of happiness thinking of you looking out your window to the same landscape where this yarn grew up. I definitely need a sweater out of it.

  2. Your hat looks great. I love the pattern. I’m a Firefly fan too. Actually I’ve loved everything Nathan Fillion has done. Love your blanket. It’s unique with the small squares on the border.

  3. Lovely sock colors. Your friend is very lucky to have you in her circle. Lovely hat. It does look soft and warm. That blanket is going to be so lovely. So many squares! Sewing them all together does take time. And then…………..the mandala! gorgeous as usual.

    1. The ends on the blanket are definitely not my favorite part, but at least it’s all crocheted together as-you-go, rather than sewn, so that’s a bonus. I am getting SO CLOSE to finishing this cross-stitch piece finally!

  4. That crocheted blanket looks great! I love how it’s working up. (And at least it’s often easier to hide the ends in a crocheted piece than a knitted one.)

    The mandala is looking amazing. It’s going to be so great when it’s all finished and off the frame!

  5. Great sock yarn! I have yet to get my Fall/Halloween sock yarn. the hat pattern is very cool. The blanket is amazing and is on my list for sure! the XS is gorgeous as usual. I used to have horses and I miss them. Those were the days! Happy Halloween!

  6. Your blanket is amazing! It will be so snuggly. The striped socks are goingvto be lovely and the hat is a great addition to the giveaway pile!

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