FO Friday: October Moon Socks

Closing out this week with a pair of finished socks!

Pattern: October Moon by Lina Knits. This is a fun pattern that’s been in my queue since it was published in 2020. I substituted my usual Fish Lips Kiss Heel in a contrast color for my pair, rather than use the as-written short-row heel. I knit the middle size, which was a 68-stitch leg, and which was needed for the colorwork repeats in this size but would have been a bit big for the foot, so I decreased 2 sts evenly before I started the foot so it worked out to a 66-stitch size. Pattern is written for 3 sizes.

Yarn: I used Explorer Knits Denali Sock in “Flock” for the main color and some leftover Miss Babs Yummy in Blackbird for the contrast heels and colorwork. I kind of knew this 2-ply tightly twisted superwash yarn would not lay perfectly flat for the colorwork sections (and it doesn’t) but I think the colors were just too perfect for this pattern not to use it.

I absolutely love the spooky flying bats on these, which I think are perfect for the season. I have a friend who loves all things Halloween (and who just had a birthday) so I’m going to earmark these for her as a gift as I know she will love wearing them (she’s also a big fan of moody silvery grays).

This is pair 10/26 for my 26-pair 2022-2023 challenge.

6 thoughts on “FO Friday: October Moon Socks

  1. Those are so cool! Love the bats. I’d love to gift socks more often but I’m always a little nervous about giving them to friends — do you make sure you know their shoe size first?

    1. Thank you – I love them too :). Yes, I usually ask (if I don’t already know, but this friend modeled some socks I designed a while ago so I already knew these would fit her.) I’ve never run into a problem and they are a fairly forgiving fit (unlike garments!)

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