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Year of Projects 2022: Week 43

Lots of things to talk about this week. I am trying valiantly NOT to cast on several sweaters because it is that season – but progress on quite a few other things. I have been working on some handspun but not far along enough to share it, so more on that next week.

I finished up the Hipster hat. I knit the DK version (the pattern has numbers for Aran or DK-weight yarns), and used almost all of a half-skin of Bare Naked Wools Kent DK in the Beach Glass colorway. I knit the largest size as I plan to include this in a box for a shelter holiday gift-giving initiative and I know they can always use men-sized things. This is a great basic pattern that I think would be easy to customize or a great first hat project. While it is technically supposed to be worn with the reverse stockinette side out, it really is reversible. You knit it in the round with the inside (knit side) facing you, and then turn it inside out at the finish. It looks a bit slouchy here, but on my husband, is definitely more of a toque or beanie fit.

I’ve been working on a pair of Halloween socks. The pattern is October Moon from Lina Knits and I’m using Explorer Knits Denali Sock in Flock and some leftover Miss Babs Yummy in Blackbird for the contrast. I don’t love this base for colorwork. It is hard to make the floats not show through, especially with these two high contrast colors, but the colors were so perfect, I’m making an exception here. I have sock 1 finished, and sock 2 is knit through the midway point of the leg. I’m hoping to get this pair finished up this week.

Also making some progress on the Aloft Shawl. Pattern design from Bekah Knits and was originally in the Laine publication 52 Weeks of Shawls. I’m using Wooly Wonka Fibers Celestial (a fingering weight base) in the Milky Way color. I’ve finished the first 3 repeats and planning to at least do 4 if not all 5, depending on how my yarn situation looks. This design has lots of great details, including an I-cord edging, and easy repetitive lace pattern, as well as some bobbles.

I also sat down this week and made more of the mini granny squares I need for side 3 of the current round on my Beach Walk Blanket. I am planning to devote some time on this lovely rainy Sunday to attaching those. I’m using Stylecraft DK, Stylecraft Batik and some Scheepjes DK for mine (in most of the called-for colors, although I did substitute a few I couldn’t get here in the US).

Last but not least, I am making progress on the nature corner of my Desert Mandala. I finished up the feathers and cacti for this inner border, and have started on the plant and a wee bit of the roadrunner’s tail. My plan for this week is to get the cross stitching done for the plants and 2 birds in this section. That’ll leave me that small upper border between the cacti (with some beads) and the detailing backstitching and specialty stitches to finish in this section, with just the landscape remaining for regular stitching!

Have a great week YOPers!

9 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 43

  1. The Halloween socks are so cute. I think the black floats just add to the stripe. Certainly the colors of the background are perfect for a Halloween sock. The shawl is turning out great. I too love the i-cord edging. Enjoy your rainy day. We need rain here!!

    1. Thank you! I am loving working on the socks but if I make them again (and I might) I’ll use a woolier yarn, I think. Would love to send you some of our moisture. This is the first October since we’ve been here (13 years) that it has rained in October. It’s normally a dry and sunny month for us so this is really out of the ordinary.

  2. You always have the neatest projects on the go! Your Halloween socks are too cute! The shawl looks very pretty but complicated. The hat will be much appreciated. I need to get back to knitting for others….I don’t know why I dropped the ball. The granny square blanket is beautiful! You know I have a thing for them but mine are all old leftover acrylic. I would like to make a planned one with Stylecraft as their yarns are so soft and fun to crochet with. You really made progress on your XS…you go girl! Have a great and crafty week!

    1. Aw… thank you! I am hoping to get those Halloween socks finished in time for the day. 🙂 I do really like Stylecraft yarns and they are definitely budget-friendly, which is awesome. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. I always look forward to seeing what you are working on. Those socks are cute as can be. The shawl already looks warm and snuggly. Your blanket will be perfect to work on with the cooler weather arriving. And then there is your cross stitch (swoon). It is gorgeous. Each week I see how much detail there is in it and am amazed at how much you accomplish each week.

  4. The socks look great and the hint of darkness where the floats are seems apt with some Halloween socks so it just adds to the atmosphere. So many projects on the go I am jealous. I am knitting my jumper every moment in the hope of taking it with me on Monday to Copenhagen. I feel sure if I make it there’ll be a heatwave haha.

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