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Year of Projects 2022: Week 33

Mostly socks to talk about this week, and I’m a bit behind for my Sunday post, so let’s jump right in, shall we?

I have been motoring along on the self-striping Monkey Wrench socks, with yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks. I’ve finished sock #1 and started sock #2. I’m using some leftover jet black yarn to add in Fish Lips Kiss heels, which are my favorite short-row type of heel. These should be done this week.

Next up, I decided to start a personal challenge. I am doing the 26-pair plunge challenge with that Ravelry group and when sorting patterns, I realized I had almost an entire alphabet of patterns already queued up. I did a couple of quick searches and have an entire gamut of patterns from A to Z, so I’m doing my own little Socks A to Z challenge. First up are the Altitude Socks. Pattern is by Helen Stewart, and I’m using a sock set from Momma Jess Knits in the Summer Sock Camp 2022 color for the MC, and a miniskein of “Greener Grass” for the contrast color. I have sock #1 knit to the point I can start the heel flap next.

I also worked a bit on the Softly Spoken shawl. I am at the halfway point of this, through 3 of the minis (plus the MC section at the beginning), and will start on color 4 of 5 this week. Definitely feeling all the fall vibes with this one!

I also finished up bobbin #1 of the current merino roving spin from Oceanwind Knits. The colorway is Dr. Who themed, called Next Stop, Everywhere! and I love the colors in it. I’ve started bobbin #2 of singles and I’ll be working on those this week.

And finally….. some more progress on Desert Mandala. I have the right corner done except for the beads in the turquoise/purple triangles, and I’m moving on to get the bottom center mapped out. I’ll add beads this week and then get the outlines of the bottom center motifs mapped out and get started on those.

That’s it for me this week, YOP’ers. I may try getting these posts written on Fridays – the weekends are tough to find time to get on my computer, but we’ll see if that’s workable!

11 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 33

  1. Love your challenge of A-Z sock patterns. It will be fun to see all the different patterns you have chosen as they are worked. I like the black FLK heel. It makes the colors pop even more. Your spinning is so nice and even. Very nice. As always. Love the cross stitch.

  2. That Alphabet Challenge is a fun twist on your KAL. Cant wait to see all the patterns you come up with. I’ve got so many sock patterns printed, yet I keep going to plain vanillas. I may borrow your idea to see how many new sock patterns I can knit up.

    1. Thanks – that was part of my motivation too. I have sooo many fun patterns just languishing in my library so I’m hoping this will encourage me to pick some different ones. Feel free to borrow as you wish!

  3. I usually write my posts on a Friday evening or Saturday morning and schedule them to publish Sunday morning and if much changes then I’ll update them, but quite often I don’t get much done on a Saturday.

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