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Year of Projects 2022: Week 32

I’ve been focusing on some things around the house this week. For the first time in the 13+ years we’ve lived here, we’ve had an actual monsoon-type summer which means that all the weeds which have been waiting patiently in the ground have really taken off. Which means weeding. Not a favorite activity but we’ve been trying to keep ahead of it. My DH does the bulk of the “machine” weeding – lawn mower (which we had to buy this year since normally our back pasture area is just dirt) and weed whacking, but I have been trying to keep up with the stuff that’s around the flower beds and the front walk, and back door and… well… you get the idea.

Anyway… some progress to report on this week despite weed duty:

I finished up the Bevy Socks I’ve been working on. Pattern design by Miriam Felton (MimKnits on IG and Ravelry) and yarn is Spun Right Round’s Classic Sock in the Float on By color). I made the middle size of these and knit them to pattern using US 1 (2.25) needles). The leg on these fits perfectly and I love all the details but they are a bit big for my feet (the pattern uses a 72-stitch count for medium which I usually think of as a large). I think if I knit them again, I would do more decreases when tapering for the heel flap gusset and decrease a couple of stitches on the top of the foot as well to get them down to more like 68 or 66 sts. I have a long list of sock requests and places these can go where they will be loved, so I’m not overly concerned about it.

Following that finish, I cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks using Desert Vista Dyeworks “Monkey Wrench” colorway, which is a self-striping pattern in lots of bright colors. I’ll be adding plain black Fish Lips Kiss heels to these, which is a favorite of mine, and I’m working them on a 64-stitch leg/foot using US 1 (2.25 mm) needles. An easy, pretty mindless project but I think they will go quickly because of that.

I’ve also been working on the Softly Spoken shawl, designed by Janina Callio of Woolenberry. I’m using a single MC handpaint skein and then 5 coordinating tonal mini skeins to knit this simple but very pretty lace wrap. The colors are giving me all the fall vibes (not that I needed any help in that department). These were part of a summer “advent” box that was a birthday gift in July and I’m sad that the dyer (Rebel Woolworks) has had a business crisis with hackers and decided to close her shop. I’m a bit farther along than this photo since I worked it over a cup of tea this morning and added rows of the next section which is an herb-y green.

New spinning project is on the wheel. I’m using a braid of SW organic merino from Oceanwind Knits (2016 club), themed on Dr. Who. I’ve just started the second ounce of singles, so will be working on those this week. I love the colors in this braid and can’t wait to see how they look spun up.

Finally this week, some progress on my Desert Mandala. I’ve turned the bottom right corner, finished up the sunset/cactus motif, and am continuing across the bottom, working on the borders. I’d like to get the borders finished up this week and outline the center triangular and rectangular vignettes that are at the center bottom. Once I have those put in place, I can tackle the motifs in them, or continue working across to the bottom left corner. It finally feels like I’m making progress on this one!

That’s all for me this week, YOP’ers!

16 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 32

  1. Weeding is the worst job in the garden, and they never stop! I’m completely rethinking one side of my garden because the only things that grow well there are weeds. Your Desert Mandala is astonishing in its detailed stitching.

    1. It’s a truth for us this year. The flip side is that we normally don’t get enough rainfall to sustain much of a garden so watering is the norm here and not rainfall. (I know this is likely not the issue at your end….)

  2. Your Bevy socks are lovely and the desert vista dyeworks colourway is fantastic. I can’t wait to see that braid spun up.

  3. The bevy socks are very pretty. The colors remind me of spring. The self striping are always so fun to make. That braid of fiber is gorgeous. It will be fun to see how it spins up. Your mandala is moving along quite well. We are in the middle of monsoons here too. Our desert front yard has sprouted quite a few green things. Hubby has been working on killing them daily.

  4. Ick….weeding! It is so hot here and at my age I hired a lawn guy so I never have to go out in this heat! I love your projects and the yarns are awesome! I can’t wait to see how your fiber spins up. You’ve made great progress on your cross stitch too…. it is gorgeous.

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