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Year of Projects 2022: Week 30

This week, I finished up my lace shawl sample, Roses of Avon, which you can see here in Friday’s FO post. So I’ve mostly worked on socks this week.

I finished up a pair of River Rapids socks (a free pattern on Ravelry) and love how these knit up. I used a new-to-me yarn from John Arbon Textiles, Yarnadelic, which is a Falkland Corriedale and a nonsuperwash yarn. It’s listed as a heavy fingering/sportweight, but I feel like it falls more towards fingering than sport. The colorway is Woman in Blue and it is a beautiful very subtly heathered blue. The yarn is a treat to work with. Sleek and wooly and nicely soft. I’m anxious to see how it wears.

I am back to working on the DK vanilla socks that I started earlier this month. They are a gift for a friend of my mum’s and I’d like to get them done and off the needles. Once those are completed, I’ll get the second of the Bevy socks on the needles to get those finished up.

I’ve been working on blocks for the two crochet blankets I’ve got on the go right now. The ones on the left are for the Spots and Stripes blanket and I’m using Stylecraft Batik for these. The ones on the right are for my Beach Walk Blanket, which are are a combination of Stylecraft DK and Stylecraft Batik. I love working on these but I find I have to limit my hours of crochet or my wrist gets sore (which it doesn’t for knitting.)

Still working on my 4-color gradient spin to close out the Tour de Fleece this year. I don’t think I’ll get this final 2 oz done today but hopefully by the end of the month. This last color is a rich ruby red and I’ve finished the first bobbin of singles and have started the second.

Finally, I got the “nature” corner done on my Desert Mandala and then added in the cacti/sunset motif for the lower right corner. My plan for this week is to finish up the few oddments I have left to do on the vertical borders to get that right side completely done, and then try to turn the corner and start across the horizontal bottom borders as well.

That’s all for me this week, YOP’ers! Hope you have a good final week of July!

18 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 30

  1. Very pretty socks and I hope you’ll let us know how they wear as I’m quite interested in some non-superwash sock yarns to try. That spinning is such a pretty colour. Another successful week 🙂

    1. I’ll keep you updated. I also have a skein of JA Devonia that I want to try, and one or two others lurking in stash from other UK producers. It’s hard to find nonsuperwash here in the US.

  2. I really like those socks. I have the pattern bit am leery about making them since they call for sport weight. The stitch count is what I normally do in fingering weight. Do the ‘cables’ make them tighter? I have a gorgeous malabrigo yarn I would ikea to make them out of. I can always do a 72 stitch count if need be. The spinning you are doing is such a rich color. Love it.

    1. The cables aren’t really cables – just YO’s and decreases so they don’t draw in very much. I don’t know why they said sportweight because mine fit perfectly on the 64 sts (which I what I usually use) and I used 1.5 US. I tried 2’s but the gauge was way too loose. I think if you don’t use one of the yarn bases that tends towards “light fingering” (meaning 450+ yards/100 g), you’ll be perfectly fine. The yarn I used is really more just a slightly heavy fingering. (I’d estimate a 400 yard/100 g type yarn would be perfect on US 1s or 1.5s).

  3. Those socks are so pretty! The color goes well with that pattern! Your blanket squares are coming along nicely. I have the same issue if I crochet too long. Something about the way I move my wrist, it just gets aggravated if I crochet too long.

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait for cooler weather to wear these socks 🙂

      Yah – I must hold it in some odd way. I never have issues with knitting… just crocheting… so I must do something different there!

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