FO Friday

Two finished things to share with you today. First up, my Curling Mist socks. Design is by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade and is her usual fun combination of a bit of texture/design with straightforward knitting. I opted to knit one sock with a right twist cable and one sock with a left twist cable, so they are mirros of each other. I used Suburban Stitcher Sock in the colorway Lazy River for this pair, which is a light sea-green speckled dye. I knit these up as a gift for my friend, Nic, who just moved to the beach of North Carolina and has a new surf board of similar color. Nic happens to be very tall so I knit the size L and extended the foot based on her measurement notes. I love how they turned out!

Next up is the finished Meadow Knots cowl. The pattern design is by Bunnymuff (Mona Zillah). I used several skeins of Harrisville Shetland that I happened to have in stash. I wound up substituting a darker gold for a blue in the mix because that’s what I had, so not an exact match to the original, but the colors are pretty similar. This is knit as a long tube and then the ends are grafted to form a loop. It was a fun knit as there are several different patterns and you could easily mix and match if you wanted to change the size, or just wanted to knit one of the colorwork patterns more frequently than others. Very happy to have found a project that I could use up most of this yarn in as it had been lurking in stash for quite a while.

Happy to have both of these finished to close out June!

16 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. I’m a huge fan of grafting cowls into tubes! Never a wrong side.
    I’ve also been known to secure a length of polyester fleece into the tube to make it EVEN MORE wind resistant!!

  2. Both of your FOs are great. The cowlnis a real eye catcher. So many colors and designs. A perfect cheerful knit for a dreary winter day.

  3. The socks look terrific. Congrats on reversing the cables. They will look even more terrific that way. Love your colorful cowl. Such a great way to use up scraps.

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