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Year of Projects 2022: Week 26

Halfway through the year already! Here we are for week 26 of my Year of Projects. This week, I worked on:

My Beach Walk Blanket. After working the 5 rounds of granny stripes, I realized I had done something wrong on the transition round between the small granny squares and the stripes because the rounds were very ruffled. I think I missed a * designating a repeat instruction in setting up that round. At any rate, I ripped back those 5 rounds and redid them and it is MUCH better, laying flat and cooperating much more nicely. Next up on this project is another round of large granny squares.

I have also been working on two pairs of socks this week, for Summer Sock Camp 2022. I decided I’m going to do the 26-pair plunge for the next 12 months that starts July 1, so be prepared for lots of more socks. The two pairs I’m working on right now are: Curling Mist socks, designed by Helen Stewart, which are the pair in the sea green. I’ve got sock #1 finished and have turned the heel for sock #2. The second pair is a highly personally adapted version of The Faded Socks by Northwoods Knit Co. The original pattern is toe-up with a standard short-row heel. I’m doing mine top down, with some added rounds just after the cuff and just before the toe, with a Fish Lips Kiss heel. I’m using a set of minis from Spun Right Round for these fuschia into teal transition of colors.

I also cast on a simple 2×2 ribbed cowl for my DH. He’s going to Yellowstone in January and wanted to have some extra warm layers to take with him since he’ll be outside a lot. I knit him a double-knit ribbed hat several years back he wears all the time and wanted something similar for around his neck. I’m using a worsted weight from Knitter’s Brewing Company in the colorway “Camouflage”, and its a nice soft merino wool.

Finally this week, I’ve gotten started on the corner design on my Desert Mandala. One of 2 feathers is done and I have one of the 2 cacti started. This corner has a scorpion in it (which we don’t have up here really – it’s too cold in the winters), but gives it an appropriate desert Southwest feel.)

I did decide to stick with this project rather than switch to a full coverage piece for the Tour de France stitchalong my friend, Kim, is hosting. I’ve got several other things starting in July that will take some of my craft-time attention, including the Tour de Fleece, which kicks off June 30th, I believe, and I have a couple of larger projects (my colorwork cowl and the Roses of Avon shawl) closer to being finished, so I will keep adding stitches to this as I can because small progress is still progress.

Have a great week YOP’ers!

22 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 26

  1. I really liked the fade sock. As for scorpions, we would be happy to share ours with you lol. They love palm trees and since our neighbors seldom trim theirs, we seem to always have a few hanging around. Yellowstone in January sounds frigid. Your husband will need all the layers. I think it will be fun to watch you crank out all those socks over the next 12 months.

    1. Thank you – I do too! I’m not really a huge fan of scorpions. The rattlesnakes are enough for me, and we do occasionally have falls where the male tarantulas are on the prowl, looking for love (and I know they aren’t poisonous, but they are creepy.) It definitely gets cold there – he’s from Michigan so cold doesn’t usually bother him, but we’ll see. I am going to try my best to get all 26 pairs done!

  2. I love all your projects Anne, especially your fade sock. You’re making such awesome progress on your Desert Mandala. Yellowstone in January is going to be extremely cold and I feel for your hubby if he’s going to be out outside. Why on earth is he going when it’s going to be so darn cold?

    1. Thank you! It definitely will be cold there – he’s going for an 8-day photography tour, so they’ll be in the snowtracker vehicles a lot. OTOH, we lived in northern VT for 4 years and it was VERY cold there. (like -50 at night -25 in the day for a month the first year we were there, so at least he’s got some good base layers.) 🙂

  3. OMG! A pair of socks every two weeks!! That’s a lot of socks. Will you be gifting? Sounds fun but I’m having trouble meeting my pair a month goal. Love the Curling Mist pattern.

    1. It is but…. let’s be happy I picked the “realistic” option of 26 and not 52. Someone in the group just finished pair 104 (PAIR!) in the last year. And I do have a lot of sock yarn I’d like to knit up. I have a donation group I send extras to for the winter months, but I’ll definitely be making several pairs as gifts.

  4. Small progress is definitely still progress! I love the way all of these things look. They’re such a great variety of colors, too! And I have to say, that yarn for the cowl looks so comfy and squishable. Love it!

  5. Wait what! 24 pairs of socks in a year! Wowza that’s a goal and a half. Whose feet will they be for? I hope you know some people with some 2 year olds that would count towards the goal but be super quick. I usually only manage 3 or 4 pairs in a year…24! I think TDF launches 1st July, certainly that’s what our Guild team captain said so I’m going with that 😂. That hat yarn looks super soft and squishy and those fade socks ❤️

    1. I know. But I really want to try to get the single skeins of sock yarn whittled down and I love knitting socks, so.. here we are. I’ll likely do about half (or more) just plain vanilla socks for a normal woman’s foot/shoe size so I can gift or donate as I choose. Yep! I think you’re right about July 1st. I will enjoy seeing what you choose to spin!

  6. Oh wow that is an awful lot of socks. I can’t imagine how long that would take me, you must be a knitting machine 😂 I do really like that blanket and look forward to seeing it grow. The colours you have put together are beautiful.

    1. It will definitely mean a committment to them over the next 12 months but I have so much sock yarn I want to knit up, even if I only get half of those pairs done, it’ll still be a dent in the sock yarn stash! Thank you so much – I wish I could take credit for the color palette, but it is all the designer’s brilliance! 🙂

  7. I have been slightly tempted to look at sock knitting machines to crank out tubes to increase my sock knitting speed. But that seems like another gadget I need to makes space for!

    Stash knitting is so rewarding (more room for new yarns!)

    1. Yah – I have a friend who has one but honestly? I like handknitting my socks. And you can’t do any of the fancy ones very well on the machines, although they are definitely FAST.

  8. Oh that blanket looks wonderful! I love the socks, especially the Helen Stewart ones. I look forward to your many more socks!

  9. Whoa! 26 pairs in a year! I’ll be following your journey on that challenge. I participated in Shark Sock Week last year. I finished one sock, I am in awe of the knitters that can finish a pair in a week on a regular basis.

    1. I’m going to try to keep up – but even if I don’t get all 26 pairs done, it’ll be a nice stockpile of socks. (One person in the group made 104 PAIRS last year. OMG. I can’t even imagine.)

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