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Year of Projects 2022: Week 18

This week has mostly been about trying to get my Misurina Tee finished up. It’s been a focus piece when I’ve had some knitting time in the evenings and I’m happy to report that I finished this one up! I’ve actually got it on today and it’s the perfect weight for our sunny but breezy spring weather. I did lengthen the body a bit and I worked 2 less rounds of sleeve cuff ribbing as I ran out of yarn on sleeve #2 and had to rip back sleeve #1 enough that I could finish the round and work the bind-off. (I only had 2 skeins of the gray so I just used what I had!)

And a closeup of the yoke, which really makes the sweater. (Now that it’s finished/blocked and relaxed a bit, I think you can see the pink poking through at the cable sections. This is how it looks on all the samples on Ravelry I checked out and it still bug me a bit but I’m going to wear it anyway. I don’t think there’s a way to camoflague those floats across so many stitches unless you worked the motifs as intarsia in the round and there is absolutely NO WAY I would ever want to do that.)

In other tidbits for the week, I finally got my wheel cleaned and oiled, put another bobbin on it and got started on the second 2 oz of the superwash merino spin that’s been languishing. Original fiber is from Oceanwind Knits and is the colorway “1967” based on a concert poster from The Doors that summer. I just want to get back to my #spin15aday practice and chip away at this. I’d like to try to get the bobbins cleared off in time for maybe one quick spin in June before the Tour de Fleece kicks off in early July.

Finally, I started on the side borders and the triangular thunderbird motif on the right side of my Desert Mandala. I plan to work on this a bit this afternoon since the wind’s picking up again and it will likely be smoky as the fire is still burning off to our west.

That’s it for me this week YOP’ers!

22 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 18

  1. Anne, your Misurina Tee is beautiful and I wouldn’t worry about the yoke at all. I personally think the only way you could possibly camouflage it is if the main yarn was closer in color to the contrasting, but then the motif wouldn’t show up as well. Your stitching project is so pretty and love the deep stash fiber you are spinning.

  2. The tee is beautiful. I can see the pink peeking through but only if I know to look for it. Like the colors of your spinning. Your cross stitch is growing quite nicely

  3. The Misurina is gorgeous! I’m not sure I ever mentioned but your “bio” of things you love could be mine. Great minds think alike! LOL! I hope everyone stays safe from the fires. Your Cross Stitch is gorgeous and it’s amazing how you can spin that tiny yarn. Have a great week!

  4. Your Misurina looks amazing. I actually like the subtle pops of color in the cable section. You don’t see it from afar but adds interest close-up. Hope all goes well with the nearby fire.

    1. Thank you! It really isn’t noticeable until you are pretty close to it and honestly… should anyone be that close in the time of COVID? Probably not. 😉 Thank you…. I hope so too, but we have bags packed just in case.

  5. I LOVE that tee, it’s so pretty. I like the sleeve length so don’t think it’s lost anything by them being shorter and I think if anything the little pops of pink on either side of the cable just provide a bit of shading to make the cables pop out more. It really is lovely and the yarn has a beautiful sheen.

    1. Thank you! I think I will get a lot of wear out of it and mostly, I need to get out of my own critical way. 🙂 The spinning fiber is like butter – super soft and it does have a pretty shine to it, despite being “just” merino.

  6. Your tee is gorgeous. I can see the pink, I like it. It’s like a bit of contrast peeking out. I think that most people won’t even notice it.

  7. The tee is lovely! I really like how it turned out. I’ve never combined colorwork and cables, so the floats showing through isn’t something I’ve had to worry about before. But I agree, it seems the only way to fix this would be intarsia in the round (no) or to use a low-contrast CC which would defeat the purpose of having the motifs at all.

    1. I was happy to have a reason to use that skein of hot pink with something. I think it’s a bit intense for an entire garment (at least for me and my vampire coloring). 🙂

  8. Your sweater is gorgeous and I wouldn’t have noticed the pink poking through if you hadn’t pointed it out. Wear it with pride. You are rocking it!

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