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Year of Projects 2022: Week 15

Quite a few new projects to talk about this week but if you haven’t seen it already, I finished my Break of Dawn shawl which you can read about in Friday’s post here.

I cast on for a test knit of Baroque Purls’s Beanstalk Cowl. I’m using another skein from deep stash, which I think is very similar to the Opulence I used for the Break of Dawn shawl, but is a 75/25 merino/silk blend. It is from Impulse of Delight in the colorway Dark Water. Lots of twisted stitches in this one and honestly, it doesn’t look like much scrunched up on the needles but I have finished the first 2 chart repeats, worked one increase row and I’m on to the second of 3 chart repeats for the middle section. No real timeline on this; the designer just wanted it started by May 4th, which it is.

I also cast on for a new preview knit for Hudson & West’s Spring 2022 collection. I chose the Bock sweater by Jen Parroccini. I originally wanted to take advantage of H&W’s discount for preview knitters and work this up in the same light gray (their Ash colorway) as the sample, but I was slow getting an order in and they are out of that color again, so I did a stash dive (better choice anyway since I’m trying to work down the stash) and picked a gray tweed, Berocco’s Blackstone Tweed in “Steamers”. This is a casual, boxy sweater with an overall mistake-stitch rib and fun cabled pockets on the front. Again, no real deadline for this other than having it cast on by April 20th when the collection launches.

Next! I cast on for a lace shawl sample I’m knitting for my friend, Jocelyn, who owns Serendipidye Yarns. I met her when we were both vending at Stitches West and have continued to chat online although I am not vending anymore. I offered to knit her some samples for her booth at shows and she wanted to highlight a gorgeous fingering-weight base of alpaca, silk and merino. She picked one of my back catalog designs, the Roses of Avon shawl, originally released in 2012, so it’ll be fun to knit a blast from the past. This beautiful celadon green colorway is “Colleen”.

I also have finished the yoke for my Misurina Tee. I am a bit further along than this picture would indicate, as I added several rounds this morning, but haven’t taken an updated photo yet. I want to get the yoke divided for body and sleeves this afternoon so I can work on the easy textured body on work calls this week. I lightly blocked the yoke and I think I’m just going to live with the floats. They aren’t super noticeable unless you’re very close to them, so we’ll run with it.

I finished the first 9 blocks in my Beach Walk Blanket. I also am hoping to get these joined today but that step requires a bit of quiet and focus, and I’m not sure I have either of those this afternoon. The color-change granny squares are a little fussy but I really like how they look.

I finished up the first bobbin of singles of the Oceanwind Knits superwash merino roving in the colorway 1967 from Lori’s club a while back. I love how soft the colors look. I’m spinning this pretty fine in the hopes of having 425+ to use for a shawl or scarf. I’ll try to get bobbin 2 started this week, even if it’s just a bit of progress.

Finally, I did get some work done on my Desert Mandala this week. I finished the bottom section of the hexagon, so I just have this final vertical right side of the hexagonal border to complete. I’m toying with the idea of just working on this monogamously until it’s done. I have really limited time to stitch right now, so if I want to get this completed this year, I feel like I probably need to devote the time I do have to it exclusively until it’s finished. Here’s the current state.

Whew! Weirdly, I felt like I didn’t get much done this week. Maybe because I didn’t make a lot of focused progress on any one thing? Anyway, when it’s all laid out there, I can see I actually did, which makes me happy. Hope everyone has a great week in the YOP group!

19 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 15

  1. Your spinning is gorgeous – will it be a two or three ply? You have so many different projects on the go – I don’t know how you decide what to work on as they all must demand your attention.

    1. Just a 2-ply. I rarely do 3-plys and usually only do those when I have a very specific reason to – like chain plying to keep the singles colors intact. LOL – I have sort of a rotation system. I set smaller goals within the larger projects so I keep all of them moving forward. Somewhat fluid, but it usually works for me. 🙂

  2. Heck yes, you did quite a bit this past week. I am impressed with all you did. Working 2 test knits at once is not for everyone. The yoke on your tee is lovely.

  3. Wow you have a lot on this week, and all wonderful. I’m so glad you blocked the yoke sweater and can live with the result as it looks lovely from here!

  4. I love your posts, full of gorgeous projects every week. I can’t believe how neatly you fill your bobbins. I usually forget to move it along and it’s super uneven. I’m spinning a bit thicker for a change and it feels good how quick it’s going but then I see your very fine singles and they make me want to go back to trying to get such a smooth worsted yarn.

    1. Thank you – I’m flattered that you think that about my spinning. My trick is a Woolee Winder. It evenly distributes the yarn MUCH better than I ever could by hand, so I can’t take any credit for it!

  5. You have some neat projects. I’m drawn to the colors of your granny squares. Your spinning is amazing. Your bobbin looks so neat. I always feel like mine are all over the place, lol.

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