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Year of Projects 2022: Week 14

A bit late on this week’s post as we were traveling for a mini vacation this weekend (a travel post coming shortly), but here’s what I worked on this week:

I cast on for the Break of Dawn shawl from Woolenberry. I have a lot (A LOT!) of single random skeins of beautiful fingering-weight yarns, quite a few of which are not suitable for socks, but which have been languishing in stash for a while and I want them to have a life. I added to my list of goals to try to work through the skeins of yarn under 500 yards and this is the first one I randomly grabbed from those bins. This is a 50/50 blend of silk and merino, hand-dyed by my friend, Kim at The Woolen Rabbit in the color Rose Quartz. It’s a dark plum-red with a beautiful shine and drape. This pattern calls for slightly more yarn than I have in this 375-yard skein so I may wind up with one less partial repeat of the lace, but it’s still working up beautifully. Thanks to a lot of car knitting this weekend, I am actually almost finished it already and plan to get it off the needles and blocked this week.

I also made some (very) limited progress on my Misurina Tee. I’m about 75% done the yoke. I’ll do the next set of increases and then put it on a couple of long circulars and measure yoke depth and circumference with a light blocking to make sure I’m on track with everything. I’m not sure I 100% love how the floats are drifting to the surface on the edges of the cable detail in real life, so I want to see how that looks blocked as well. In looking closely at some of the detail photos of the yoke, it looks to be an issue and I know it will bug me if I can see them so…. we will decide how I feel about it after I do all of the above.

I also have made some progress on my Battenberg Blanket. I’m now at a 6 x 6 square and still enjoying working on this one, so I will continue to add in blocks in bits and bobs. I am thinking I may work to an 8 x 8 size (which would be 25% of the blanket minus the border) and then make three other 8 x 8 sets to joint together so this stays pretty small and portable. Progress may slow for a bit on this as I also want to start a Beach Walk blanket this month – more details on that once I get some squares worked up in the next couple of weeks.

That’s it for me this week. I had a miniscule amount of spinning and about the same progress on my Desert Mandala so I will save those to share next week!

15 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 14

  1. Thank you! I am really liking these brighter/primary-ish colors for this version since it’s going to a friend having a little one this fall. Definitely leaning towards making another version for me with a more subdued palette but I have to admit these are really addictively fun colors!

    1. Artfully staged photograph because they are bugging me that much. You can really see them when it’s unblocked but just opening up the fabric a bit across the needles and they pop up to the surface. I’m worried it will be even more pronounced once I block it since it’s supposed to be an “open and drapey” fabric.

  2. That shawl pattern is beautiful. The yarn you are using for it is lovely. I hope the floats behave themselves once blocked. What will the measurement be of the battenberg blanket be once completed with border?

    1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they will fade into the background. If I stick with the 16×16 plus border, it will come out to be about 36″ square. I was shooting for a smaller crib-size or play-mat-size blanket. The nice thing about the modular approach is that I can always make it bigger if it looks too small once I’m at the end, before the border.

  3. The colour of your shawl is very pretty, I look forward to seeing it blocked as the lace already looks good. I love the blanket and your idea to split them into 4 blocks does sound good, it would be so warm to work on if you have it all going in one go.

    1. Blocked images shortly – I finished it up last night! 🙂 I thought that as well. We aren’t really warm here yet but this will be a project that definitely continues through the summer months so not having an entire blanket on my lap is probably smart.

  4. I hope the tee blocks OK as it looks lovely in the picture. And your Battenberg looks fab – I should really get back to mine.

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