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FO Friday: Color Frenzy Cowl

I’m participating in the Kacey Knits Casual KAL 2022 that runs through the end of April, but I’ve already started and finished up a project for it! I have been trying to work through some of the many, many mini skeins I have and this pattern is perfect for that task. I used 8 colors from Spun Right Round, picking ones that are definitely outside my normal color choices, but I may need to rethink “normal choices” in the future because I really love how these worked together.

I used 8 miniskeins of Classic Sock from Spun Right Round. I chose mostly greens and pinks, although the blue at the very end is really more blue than green. I also opted not to repeat the starting color at the end since I wanted the blue to finish off the ribbing at the top, so I only worked 7 repeats of the color dot and garter stitch pattern. This would be a great project to use up scraps – I only used about 50 yards of each color and you could easily shorten a section if you needed to. The dots aren’t actually stranded colorwork – they’re worked with just one color per row (although not slip stitch).

Highly recommending Kacey’s designs. They are fun to knit and not too challenging, but each have some fun details. Her KAL runs through the end of April so you have plenty of time to join if you have interest!

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