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FO Friday: Oregon

I am absolutely delighted to say that my Oregon cardigan is finally finished! I normally don’t take a whole year to finish a sweater, but I was using this for a project challenge and there were certain deadlines for it, so I couldn’t work too far ahead – but regardless, it’s done!

The yarn and pattern came as a kit from Virtual Yarns. The design is one of Alice Starmore’s older ones, but I’ve loved it ever since she released it years ago. It has a fairly boxy style to it and it’s also a pretty dense/heavy fabric so I will likely wear it more like an outside jacket than an inside layer. I cannot take any credit for the colors – those are all hers.

My row gauge was a bit off but having swatched and knowing that, I didn’t make any other adjustments to the length of the cardigan since it is just about perfect for me with the “wrong” row gauge. I finished the sleeve opening steeks with just a quick whipstitch down, but took the time to cover the front opening steeks with a pretty ribbon I got in a holiday box from The Woolly Thistle.

Nicely enough, I also had some pewter buttons that mimic the larger leaf motif of the border, so I used those to finish off the front closure.

I’m super happy with how this one turned out and while it definitely isn’t an every-day kind of sweater, I’ll happily put it in my wardrobe to wear on colder days or over a lighter/thin-gauge sweater as a “going out” kind of sweater. The yarn was fantastic to work with, and you really can’t argue with the genius color usage either.

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