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Year of Projects 2022: Week 7

Lots of projects on the go this week, so here we go!

I finished up my Constant Moral Support hat. The pattern is from Hunter Hammersen, and I used the last ball and a half of Jaeger Roma I had lurking in my stash from a sweater knit last year. (Is it just me, or does it feel fantastic to use ALL of a stashed yarn and not have a little random bit leftover to try to figure out whether to toss or keep?) This is a pretty blue-gray blend with a little bit of angora bunny in it so it’s nice and soft. I loved all the little details in this pattern: The asymmetrical slouchy bit on the side, the knit-on tab, the added antique button and the pretty spiral decreases on the crown. I’d definitely knit this one again as it’s a quick knit in DK and I think would work for pretty much any yarn – multicolored or basic. It does need a yarn with a bit of drape and I think I’d pick a slightly less springy yarn for version 2.

I’ve also been chugging along on my Love Note sweater. Yoke is finished and the body is split at the sleeves, so I’m just cruising down the stockinette body at this point. I will be making the longer version which is still cropped but I want it to be more like “regular” sweater length – and slightly longer at the back hem with the short-row shaping to make a high/low effect. Here’s where I am currently and today’s plan is to get the body finished up or close to it. I think I may go with short sleeves rather than 3/4 length ones for this so it’s more of a 3-season garment for me. Yarn is MacMullin Fiber Co’s Posh Sock and Fluff mohair held together, both in the color “Desert Rose.

Next! I started a stranded knitting hat using the remaining almost half a skein of Suburban Stitcher Sock in Maple, along with a half skein of a natural sand-colored alpaca/nylon sock yarn from my friends Terry and Ron at Snowshoe Farm Alpacas that has been in stash a LONG time. (We moved from Vermont 15 years ago and it’s been in stash since then!!) The pattern is the Breakthrough Hat by Atlas Knits, and I thought the falling leaf motifs would work well with the Maple colorway against the neutral background.

I also finished working on my full coverage cross-stitch project, Beloved, for this month (it’ll be out again sometime later this year), and turned my attention back to my Desert Mandala. My hope is to finish the border around the center motif, so I’m slowly working my way down the left-hand side and have started to make the turn towards the bottom of the border. This will be out for 10 days or so, but here’s my progress for the last 2 days.

And for a few final random notes from the week:

  • I finished up all of the knitting on my Oregon cardigan – Hooray! Now I’m down to weaving in the ends for the sleeves (there are a lot of them!), and then I’ll tack down the sleeve hole steeks, add buttons and attach a ribbon to cover the cut steek edges along the front opening. I’m in the home stretch on this one and I’m going to use some longer work Zoom calls to weave in the ends since that’s a pretty mindless task. I’m still going to try to get this one done this month as it’s been in progress for longer than I’d like.
  • I pulled my next handspinning project’s fiber out of stash. I’ll be spinning up a 4 oz braid of vibrant red and gold in the colorway “Hermione” from Two if By Hand on superwash BFL. Really looking forward to starting that!

Have a good week YOP’ers!

25 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 7

  1. Love the hat pattern. Just beautiful. Your Love Note is wonderful. Congrats on making changes to make it the design you prefer. Your cross stitch always amazes me. I simply don’t have the patience. (I’m pretty sure I’m ADD – there are worse things in life). I’m looking forward to seeing your maple leaf hat. I too seem to gravitate to leaf patterns.

    1. I love a good leaf motif – anytime of the year. πŸ™‚ I think there’s an old saying that Cross stitch (or fill in the craft name here) doesn’t require patience, it teaches it. I suspect since you knit you could do stitching too……

  2. I really like that hat. What a cute design it is. That would make a darling Chemo hat. Your sweater is such a sweet color. The lace in the yoke area is stunning. Your stranded knitting hat is pretty. Alpaca will make it a very warm hat.

  3. What a productive week, the slouchy hat looks so soft and the button is a perfect match. Your love note is in such a pretty colour. How different our temperatures must be, I have one short sleeved knitted item and I only managed to wear it 3 times in the last couple of years. Good luck wearing in all those ends on your cardigan.

  4. Wow! You have been very productive. Yes, it feels amazing to utilize the entire quantity of yarn! These days, I am happy to use ANY quantity of yarn. My knitting has slowed down due to a lack of time and change in circumstances. I am so taken with that hat. I may have to purchase it. I love Hunter’s designs; she is so creative and unique.

  5. Great hat! It has some really nice design features. With a soft yarn I think it would make a great chemo cap. Your Love Note is such a pretty color. I look forward to seeing your short sleeve version.

  6. What beautiful projects! I love the hat…it is so unique and stylish. Your cross stitch is amazing and the colors are so vibrant. Your sweater is almost done! You certainly have accomplished a lot!

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