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Year of Projects 2022: Week 6

This week I’ve been focusing on a preview knit project, a large scarf/stole for Brooklyn Tweed, but unfortunately, I can’t show any pictures of it until the preview week around the first of March. That’s percolating in the background but in the meantime, I’ve also been working on:

A new cast-on for a KAL with an IG friend – Love Note. Pattern is from Tin Can Knits and there are oodles of knitters who have made this one. Knit with one strand of fingering weight carried along with one strand of mohair/silk laceweight on big needles, this one knits up FAST! I am already a bit further along than this photo but have knit the pretty interlocking lace motif around the yoke and divided for the sleeves. I’m using McMullin Fiber Company’s Posh Sock and Fluff, both in the colorway Desert Rose, for my version.

I’ve also cast on a new hat. This is from the same Hunter Hammersen collection as the leafy green socks I’m working on (which I’ll get back to later this month). The pattern is called Distinct Moral Support and it’s a little cloche-style hat with some fun short-row shaping to create gathers on one side (and which is why the in-progress photo looks so odd!). I’m knitting it with 2 leftover skeins of a DK-weight Jaeger yarn from a sweater project I knit a year or so ago, in a soft blue-gray color. I should have this one finished this week!

Finally, when the month changed over to February, I switched to a new full coverage cross-stitch piece. This one is from artwork by Adele Sessler, titled Beloved. It’s different from any of my other pieces since it’s a monochromatic piece that looks like a pen and ink drawing, and I love the details of this elven? faerie? couple. I’m not very far along on this one, just one page stitched – but I started page 2 of the pattern this week and am happily chugging along on it. Cover page included so you can see what the finished artwork will look like.

That’s it for me this week, YOP friends! Hope you are having a good weekend wherever you are.

21 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 6

  1. Hmmm, I’m not seeing the pictures in your blog. Don’t know if it’s my computer or the blog. Love Note is in my future queue! Desert Rose sounds like a fantastic color choice.

  2. I can’t see your photos either, on WordPress reader or when I look at your website on a browser. It all sounds lovely though. I’ve seen a lot of love notes and all of them have looked good.

    1. I’ve come to my laptop and I can now see your photos, perhaps you tweaked the settings? The monochrome stitching OMG you must have incredible eyesight, the work is so fine and the shades are so similar yet what you’ve done looks so varied. This is going to look amazing.

      1. I gave Google photos a stern talking-to and now all seems to be working! I actually have a magnifying light I use with an LED/neutral color bulb in it. Makes all the difference! The color palette is really amazing… how all those barely different shades make all those details come to life. It actually stitches up pretty quickly with only 25 or so colors.

  3. Hmm, I couldn’t see your photos yesterday but I can now and, wow! That sweater is beautiful, so soft and delicate. I do really like Tin Can Knits. I’m amazed at how intricate your stitching is, I had no idea designs could be so complex. How long would something like that take you to complete?

    1. TCK has such great patterns, and they have amazing support/tutorials too. I’m really enjoying this one. For the stitching… the short answer is “it depends”. If I just worked on one project, and focused on it, I could probably get it done in a couple of years, but I like having variety so I don’t get burned out on any one thing, so most of them are multi-year projects for sure. The horse image I’ve been working on “only” has about 35,000 stitches, but my biggest one (which I haven’t posted about yet) has 710,000-ish stitches, so it will be years and years and years.

      1. That would make a difference! Fewer thread changes would help speed up the progress. I’ve considered doing a blackwork style piece, but I haven’t actually picked one up yet. The lack of frequent color changes does sound kinda good, honestly.

  4. I can see your photos. And oh my that crossstitch pattern is amazing. You seem to get so much done every week. I love the colour of that mohair/fingering Love Note.

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