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FO Friday – Sonoran

Project Details:
* Pattern: Sonoran shawl design by Makenzie Alvarez (Ravelry link)
* Yarn: Knit using 4 skeins of sockweight yarn: A Homespun House Stellina in Pinky Promise (pink multi), Less Travelled Yarn 757 Sock in Toadstool Problems (light green), The Unique Sheep Luxe in Sinful (brown) and Cascade Heritage Handpaints in 9824 (dark green). Total yardage was 1385 yards. (See Notes below for some further info).
*Needles: US size 6

Handknit shawl in pinks, greens and browns, curled into a circle. Lace and garter-stitch patterning is visible.

1. I made a “design addition” to the pattern as written in two of the eyelet lace sections. I had grabbed this as a waiting-room project for an appointment without really looking at the pattern, and wound up working the first of the eyelet sections incorrectly (there are 4 in total). I didn’t mind how it looked although I corrected it for the second of the 4 sections, so I just repeated that pattern and worked the correct chart for section 3, and my incorrect version for section 4 of this lace.
2. If you decide to make this shawl for color 2, which is the light green in my version, be sure to get a skein that has at least 450 yards, as you’ll need almost all of it. I used 425 yards of the 460 yard skein I chose for that color. For the other colorways, I used 268 yards of the light pink (color A), 385 yards of the dark green (color D), and 308 yards of the brown (color C). You will basically need 2 lights that contrast, one medium and one dark.
3. While you could possibly make this out of minis, there are some of the larger lace sections (like the middle section of dark green) that will use up more than a standard miniskein. You could either opt to work less repeats of that section’s chart, or change the color up in that section.
4. I would rate this a good advanced beginner project. It is mostly garter stitch but the lace sections aren’t too difficult. They are presented in both charted and written form.
5. Finally, this is a BIG shawl, so if you were short on yardage, you could easily adapt the repeated rows to make this smaller. It could also be knit as a scarf, utilizing the same patterning but cut in half widthwise (and also lengthwise if you needed to).

Handknit lace and garter stitch shawl, in wide stripes of green, pink and brown.

Overall, a fun, easy knit for me and I utilized 4 skeins of sock yarn out of stash, so I’ll call this one a win!

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