WIP Wednesday – January 19, 2022

I’m trying to finish up some languishing WIPs this month since I have two fairly large projects (one big stole and a sweater) I want to start in the next couple of weeks, so I pulled out all the things sitting in my basket to see what I could get off the needles before then.

The Stella sweater I’m knitting is now about 60% finished. I had one sleeve and the back completely done. I had started the front and then it went back on hiatus, but I am determined to get that done this week and hopefully get the final sleeve started as well. I’m knitting this in the called-for Forge worsted from Hudson and West Co. in the colorway Dusk.

I’ve also been slowly working on the final sleeve of my Oregon Cardigan from Virtual Yarns. I’m about a third of the way down the sleeve. I’ve been trying to stick to at least a few rounds each day but I’m not a huge rush to finish this one, so whatever I get done on it is okay. There are a lot of color changes in it, so honestly, the weaving-in of the ends and finishing of the steeks will probably take as long as the actual knitting at this point!

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