WIP Wednesday: January 11, 2022

I have a few things on the go that were last year’s Year of Projects pieces I didn’t get finished or were other works in progress. I’m slowly trying to get those finished up and I worked on two of them this week.

I am in the home stretch on my Sonoran Shawl project. This is a VERY generous wrap, knit with 4 different sock yarns. It’s a pretty straightforward project but it’s also just a lot of yardage to work through. The pattern has 29 sections and I have just started section 26. I’ve got one garter-stripe section to finish, then one lace section and a final garter-stripe/garter stitch end section. (And you get a scrunched up photo today since we still have some icy snow left outside and it’s too big to lay out indoors.) I’m at the point I’d like to get the knitting done in the next week, and then weave in ends and block so it’s finished around February 1st.

I’ve also made some further progress on my Oregon cardigan. Pattern and yarns are from Alice Starmore/Virtual Yarns. I decided I wanted to get the front steek cut open and the bands knit on to make sure everything fit correctly before I moved on to the second sleeve. So those tasks are done and it fits fine, albeit slightly boxy and jacket-like, so I also cut the second sleeve steek and picked up stitches for sleeve #2.

My deadline for finishing this is March 31st, so I think I’m in okay shape to do that, despite having two other fairly large projects to cast on in the next couple of weeks. I’ve budgeted 4 rounds a day to stay on task and on target for this one, and I think I can make that happen. If I get particularly motivated and I get some quiet undisturbed weekend knitting time, I may try to get a bit further ahead, but if not, I still feel like I can have this one done before the end of Q1 this year.

19 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: January 11, 2022

  1. I am trying to picture a shawl with 29 sections and all I am coming up with is a blanket sized knit. I am definitely going to have to look that one up on Ravelry. It will definitely keep you warm, that’s for sure. I have long admired the detail of Alice Starmore patterns. The thought of cutting a steek in to that knit kinda makes me break out into a sweat.

    1. It’s big, no doubt about it, but not quite wide enough for a blanket. Definitely “generous stole”. Steeks really aren’t a big deal, especially if you work them in more traditional/rustic wool. SW and finer wools do benefit from a bit of reinforcement, but I actually have a vest I knit 15+ years ago that I was too lazy to finish off the cut edges and it’s stayed together just fine (but was knit with traditional shetland wool).

    1. It’s a fun and not very difficult knit. Full disclosure, I did some “creative additions” to 2 sections of the lace so they don’t match the pattern exactly (2 of the lighter 4 green sections). It IS a big project, however, so not a quick knit in that respect.

  2. These are both fabulous but wow, that cardigan is something else! I admit to being terrified of knitting anything involving steeking. At some point I’ll have to bite the bullet on a practice piece.

    1. Ah… thank you! No one really believes it but steeking really isn’t as bad as you think (definitely preferable to working stranded knitting on the WS of the fabric!). I should probably put my online class back up online for it since you’re not the only one who feels that way!

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