FO Friday: Bronwyn Sweater

I finally finished up my Bronwyn sweater this week, and have been really glad to have such a warm, cozy sweater because it has been COLD here.

Designed by Melissa Wehrle of NeoKnits as part of a Brooklyn Tweed collection, this sweater is knit from the bottom hem up, and is worked in the round to the underarms where it’s divided and the front and back are worked separately to the neckline. Unlike many raglans you’ve probably seen, this is not worked in the round to incorporate the sleeves and the raglan shaping. The sleeves are knit separately, then seamed into the armhole openings, then the neckband stitches are picked up and knit to finish everything off.

I used Brooklyn Tweed Shelter from stash. I didn’t really make any modifications to the pattern. My gauge was just the tiniest bit off, but not enough to really affect the fit. The only change I made was to make the sleeves slightly longer, as I usually do. The pattern has a high/low hem, which I kept as written.

I was not a fan of how the sleeves seamed in. It bothers me a bit that the cabled pattern doesn’t line up like it would if everything were knit in the round, and at the very least, I think I would have preferred a vertical row of 1 or 2 stockinette stitches to create a smoother fake raglan “seam” and to create an edge where you could sew the sleeves into the body of the garment. However, the trade-off here is that, unlike a usual raglan construction, you can make the back neckline and front neckline more shaped, and the top of each sleeve was slightly curved as well so it creates a much better fitting neckline.

I do like how this one fits – a LOT. It’s just boxy enough to feel comfy, but not oversized. Sometimes cabled sweaters feel like you’re wearing a parka but between the sleeve/shoulder/neckline shaping and the lightweight (for its gauge) Shelter yarn, this one doesn’t feel too big or too heavy. The cables are gorgeous and I love how classic and sculptural they look.

So overall, a win and one I know I’ll wear a lot during winter months here. Glad to have this one done and in my sweater cupboard to start off the new year too!

14 thoughts on “FO Friday: Bronwyn Sweater

  1. Oh this is so beautiful! I made my first sweater with Shelter this year and itโ€™s so good for cables! I see what you mean about the sleeves, but itโ€™s always nice to try different constructions so you know what you like and donโ€™t

    1. And it does really fit well. I’ve been trying to puzzle through whether one could knit this in the round or not. I think it’d take a bit of engineering to make the pieces fit together at the top and some copious notes, but it probably could be done.

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