FO: BFL/Silk Handspun Yarn

I really wanted to have all my spinning bobbins cleaned off for 2022, so I got myself refocused on the larger spin I had been working on through the end of 2021 to get it finished up. I’m happy to say that’s accomplished and I went into the new year being able to start a new spinning project for the month of January.

I had spun a small test skein up and finished that in October, but I finished up the remaining 166 g of this 75/25 blend of BFL wool and silk, for a skein with 575 yards of a 2-ply yarn. This gives me a total amount for this hand-dyed roving from Funky Carolina of 764 yards and 218 g. The colorway is “Sirius” and was one of her Harry Potter themed colorways.

My plan is to use this along with at least some of the handspun you see in the pile below to knit up something like The Weekender Light, just a simple fingering-weight sweater, and let the colors in the handspun do all the work. I will probably start with the more “grayer” skeins as they are all the same 75/25 BFL/silk blend (although different colors). The other skein I have of that blend is 381 yards, which will get me pretty close to what I would need for a sweater in my size. If I need to add in any of the other skeins, I’ll probably use those blended in at the cuffs/lower sleeves since those are a bit greener than the other skeins and are 100% wool so they are a bit fluffier.

I won’t be too upset if I have an excuse to use the other “greener” ones in some other project(s). These colors are all ones I love and wear a lot so I know they’ll be put to a good use at some point.

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