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Year of Projects 2022: Week 1

I took advantage of a few days off to organize my proejcts for 2022 and start a few things:

I cast on for a pair of plain vanilla socks, using a self-striping sock yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks. The colorway is Halley’s Comet, and it’s alternating stripes of a dark blue and a lightly speckled paler pink/blue. We watched the newest James Bond film last night and I cruised along on these so I’ve just got a couple more stripes to knit and then I’ll pop in a Fish Lips Kiss heel. I pulled a pale pink mini to use for heels and toes on these. This week I’d like to get the heel turned and at least start on the foot.

I also started a new spinning project. (I did finish up the previous one but I’ll have a separate post on that finished handspun laster this week. I was gifted 4 oz of a dark charcoal gray Finnsheep roving from my friend, Jen, at Blaine Fleece and Fiber from her wether, Garnet. I’ve started on the first 2 oz of singles and enjoyed spending some time in front of the fire spinning these up. I’d like to get these first 2 oz spun this week and then start on the second bobbin’s worth for next week.

Finally, I started working towards my 22,000 stitch goal on my full coverage cross-stitch pieces with A Stitching Shelf. This is a full coverage cross-stitch piece, meaning every square in the fabric is covered with a stitch (so it’s more like needlepoint in the density of stitches aspect). You can see the original image here. The artwork is by Aimee Stewart – I love her amazingly detailed art (and you’ll see another one of her images in cross-stitch later this year), and this was the first piece of full coverage stitching I fell in love with. Last year I finished up the first tier of stitching (which was just over 56,000 stitches – this is a huge piece).

This year, I’m starting on the next tier down, underneath the left-hand corner, and added in a few hundred stitches yesterday. I’ll be focusing on this one for the first 10 days of January.

That’s it for me for today. I hope everyone is enjoying some crafting time for the first weekend of 2022!

23 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2022: Week 1

    1. It was! And thank you – I’m waffling a bit between focusing on this one or one other (much smaller) piece as a monthly one. I still haven’t decided which will get more time but I’ll be working on them both this month, so I’ve got a while longer to make a final decision.

  1. The cross stitch looks good, as do the socks and the spinning. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress in 10 days!

    1. I used to say it was my nursing home project to carry into my ancient retirement. However, I have another piece I’ve started (same artist) but a bit bigger, so now I definitely need to work on a dual-lifetime or something.

  2. Your cross-stitch piece is amazing! At my age, I doubt if I would live long enough to finish something that huge. It is beautiful. The yarn that you spun is wonderful. There is nothing like handspun yarn.
    I may have to order some of that Halley’s Comet….love it! Your socks are so pretty! Happy New Year!

    1. LOL… well, it and one other are my nursing home projects. I am just planning ahead. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your kind comment. Handspun yarn really is something unique and special. I love the DVD colorways. This one has been in stash for a while but I love how it knit up!

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