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January 2022 Crafting Goals

Here’s what I’ve got on my to-do list for January:

Finish sock #1 of the Vapour Socks. I just need to Kitchener the toe, so that won’t take long to do.

Finish the Bronwyn sweater. I have the back finished and I’m working on the front right now. Both sleeves are done so once the front is completed, I will need to assemble and then add the neckline ribbing.

Knit a pair of plain vanilla socks with Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso Sock in the colorway Halley’s Comet.

Knit 1 Birlinn blanket square. I’ll dig into the sock yarn odds and ends bin and pick something out.

Spin 4 oz of finnsheep roving from my friend, Jen, at Blaine Fleece and Fiber and her handsome wether, Garnet. This is a perfect charcoal gray color.

Stitch 10 days on my Desert Mandala, 10 days on Winter’s Encounter, and 10 days on A Stitching Shelf. The last two are full-coverage pieces and since I haven’t really talked about my cross-stitch here before, I’ll do an introductory post for those pieces in a day or so with images.

Reserving the right to add in a hat or some other small thing(s), depending on how far I get with everything else.

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