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Year of Projects – December 26, 2021

Happy holidays to everyone, whichever holiday you celebrate! Here’s my final YOP 2021 post to close out the year.

Not much to report as I’ve been working almost exclusively on my Dust of Snow advent miniskein project. (Happy to report it’s done and blocked but I need to get some photos of it and am actually hoping we get at least some of the forecast snow here so I can do a snow-themed photo shoot!)

I did get the urge to focus on the spinning project that’s been languishing for a while, so I’ve been slowly finishing up the final 3 oz of singles for this one in the hopes I can finish those and get it plied by this time next week to start off 2022 with a clean set of bobbins.

My friend, Joy, who knows what I like, gifted me the lovely bag you see in the background. It’s got internal dividers and I plan on using it for my spinning bag. It has space for 2 other bobbins, plus my fiber supply and spinning tools for the wheel. It will be a nice addition to my little crafting corner and help (maybe?) keep the cat from appropriating the nests of roving as her personal nap zone. (And doesn’t it match this fiber perfectly??)

That’s it for my current YOP progress this week. I’m looking forward to starting a few new things at the turn of the new year and will have those to kick off 2022 next weekend!

22 thoughts on “Year of Projects – December 26, 2021

  1. Sounds like the perfect bag for spinning projects. I think I use a similar styled bag for my beach knitting. The bag I use is actually one of those reusable wine bags that hold 6 bottles of wine so it has 6 dividers. Unfortunately for me the dividers do not go all the way to the bottom so things do slide around. But at least I don’t care if the bag gets sandy.

    1. I think it’s going to work great. It’s also got a waxed (? or something) finish on the fabric so I can wipe it off if I need to, which will be nice for anytime I want to sit outside to spin.

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to also get some knitting things finished up but the ones I’ve got on the needles are all larger projects so I doubt that will happen this week, but hey, you never know. πŸ™‚

  2. Your spinning is beautiful and what a lovely bag to have as a gift. I look forward to seeing your Dust of Snow and the projects you intend to cast on.

  3. What an awesome bag and great idea for storing your bobbins, fiber and tools in. Lovely spinning Anne… I’m trying to finish plying my current spinning WIP.

  4. What a lovely project bag. Your friend knows you so well. And to have dividers in it so you can carry your bobbins and wool. Super special! Your spinning looks so nice and even. Love the color of it too.

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