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Year of Projects: December 17, 2021

Checking in for YOP without much to report other than some planning and life stuff, so if that doesn’t interest you, have a great week – otherwise, read on!

No progress on any of my specific YOP projects. I’ve got the Sonoran shawl still on the needles, the December wool applique mug rug partially done and a partially finished spinning project, but the last 10 days have been super busy. I went back east to Maryland to visit my parents (which was a great visit and wonderful to see them, although I am peopled out) and then came home to 2 days with no power as the electrician was here to replace our main circuit breaker panel for the house. We had to have that done before we could realistically look ahead to adding new circuits to finish the kitchen project as it was old and beyond life expectancy and wasn’t a very good one to begin with. My DH and I have agreed we can live with the kitchen in the mostly finished state for now because I mentally cannot deal with getting yet more contractor bids and having more upheaval until after the holidays.

I have decided to do a YOP reboot for my plans and start the new year with a refreshed/revamped list of goals. I am planning to work through most, if not all, of the yarn/fiber/projects I had earmarked at the beginning of the YOP Year 11 cycle, but I want to be able to mix in more of things that aren’t on that list to accommodate for challenges or test/sample/preview knitting I do over the course of the year. I am really pleased with how much I have been able to cross off the original list for 2021-2022, so that’s a win. Out of the inital 20 knitting projects I included, I’ve completed 10 of those. The remaining 10 will be carried over to hopefully be knit up during 2022 at some point. I also finished about a third of the spinning fiber I wanted to work through, and about the same for the wool applique projects.


  • Knitting: Rather than focusing on specific yarns or projects, I’d like to knit through 22,000 yards. I think this is an achieveable goal, based on my last several years’ stats out of Ravelry. This will let me mix and match some carryover things but also work on new projects that aren’t using yarn from my prior list.
  • Spinning: I got bogged down in the large sweater quantity spin I’ve been working on this year, so my goal is to finish the last 3 oz of that spin, and then aim for 4 oz of spun fiber a month. I’m going to just pick random braids and spin whatever weight I feel like – some lighter, some heavier weights – and to try to get back to my goal of spinning 15 minutes a day. I’ve got so much lovely roving that I’d like to spin up.
  • Stitching/Sewing: I’m going to expand this category a bit this year to encompass a few other types of needlework.
    • I need to finish the in-progress wool applique mug rug, and then I would like to finish up 2 more of those little kits this year. They are good travel projects and maybe we’ll actually get to travel in 2022!
    • I would like to work towards one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days goals which is to build more me-made items in my wardrobe. I have 1 blouse pattern and one vest/apron pattern I’d like to make.
    • I also do cross-stitch and I’d like to add that in to my year’s plans. I’ve been working on a large, involved mandala project that I’m about halfway (or a bit more) finished and would like to finish that. I also would like to stitch 22,000 stitches on my full coverage projects. (More on both of these after the first of the year.)

So those are my goals for 2022. It was great to work through some of the details in my planning over the last 6 months. That really helped me better understand how to think about listing my goals/projects for the upcoming year, and I think having the year on a calendar cycle will also help me keep better track of projects as I go since I can use some apps/trackers that I’ve got already and keep myself accountable.

21 thoughts on “Year of Projects: December 17, 2021

  1. Since I do my knitting plan/goals by calendar year, I’ll be posting mine in 2 weeks. I definitely have changed how I do my plan and goals as I learn each year what’s really important/motivating to me versus what I thought at the beginning of the year. Your goals sound very good.

    1. Even though a year doesn’t seem super long in the grand scheme of things, it is really interesting to see how our thoughts change over the course of those 365 days. I am still trying to whittle down the stash – just taking a slightly different approach and seeing how that works for me in the next year 🙂

  2. Your goals for 2022 sound very doable. I like that you have several different crafts listed too. Kitchen remodels are so stressful. We did ours 6 years ago and I am still not over the ‘trauma’ of not having a kitchen to use for over 2 months. But, I do love my new kitchen and it is exactly what I dreamed of.

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping it’ll be a good mix of things to keep me motivated. I totally understand this about the remodel. We are down to just having some outlets moved and having one free-standing piece finished up (we wanted to use the same countertop that we used for the actual counters for a small free-standing piece that will hold wineglasses and some “specialty” glasses with space underneath for the wine/beer fridge) but we can’t get over how different (and so much nicer) the space is, so worth it.. but definitely a hassle to get there!

  3. It always amazes me how much my goals change over the course of a year. I’ve considered making knitting goals (whether with YOP or on my own) but I don’t usually stick to them. Your idea of working through a certain amount of yardage or fiber to spin is a good one, though.

  4. Your plans sound great and I love the 22k for year ‘22! I love seeing a wide range of crafts amongst the yoppers and love following Lucy’s ‘me made’ sewing projects, so it’ll be lovely seeing another sewist to inspire me to have a go eventually …one day.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been enjoying chipping away at the 101 in 1001 list. I am not always quick to update it but it is a nice reminder to myself of some things I’ve wanted to achieve. Happy holidays to you!

  5. I love your 22k for 2022. I’ve never tracked how many yards I’ve used in a year. I’m going to add that to my list for this year. Thanks! I love how your goals are more open ended. I have a hard time setting yearly goals, so I’ve been doing quarterly.

    1. If you’re on Ravelry and as long as you put in the yardage used for your projects, it’s easy to filter and find that data out. (Let me know if you need a cheat sheet to find it. Sometimes things are a bit hidden over there.) I like the idea of quarterly too – it gives you a chance to reassess as the year rolls along. 🙂

  6. I’m about to do a reboot for my YOP plans as well. I started calendar year then switched but I’ll be going back to calendar since that makes the most sense for me based on how my mind works. Love the way you’ve reconfigured your goals, I’m looking at a similar set up.

    Glad you decided to slow down on the reno, sometimes it’s okay to give ourselves the rest we need and let some of these projects become priority after we’ve recharged.

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you and yours. ❤

    1. Nice! I’ll be anxious to see what you’ve chosen to work on. (I realized that all of my scheduling, apps, trackers, etc. were all set up to follow the calendar year so yeah… it makes more sense to me that way too).

      Happy holidays to you as well!

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