WIP Wednesday: December 8, 2021

Whew! Hard to believe there are only 3 more Wednesdays left in this year. It feels like the year has barely gotten started in some ways! This week I’ve got two non-YOP knitting things to share.

Dust of Snow wrap: This was a very popular pattern released by Helen Stewart a couple of holiday seasons ago as part of her Advent collection. My DH got me the advent box from Suburban Stitcher and since I know Dianne tends to dye soft colors I thought using those plus the called-for strand of mohair/silk would be a really nice combination. I decided to try to knit a section a day and so far, I’ve been keeping up.

It’s already so lovely and soft with a pretty halo from the mohair. It’s going to be another large wrap but one I will enjoy using a lot, I suspect.

The other project of note is my Stella sweater, designed by JP Knits Things. I’m working on the front (the back and one sleeve are completed), and using Hudson & West Co’s Forge worsted in the colorway Dusk. Really enjoying this one and the interesting stitch pattern is oddly meditative.

I’m a bit more than halfway to the underarm shaping on this, but will continue to pick it up as/when I have time.

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