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Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 21

I finished up the October Hat (Ravelry link) this week, which also meant I used up all of the Carodan Farms worsted weight in this color from stash! I think this rustic neutral works great with the cables. I did work less rounds of the ribbing than the pattern calls for as I was light on yarn, and I’m glad I did since I only had about 5 yards left when I finished my version.

I also have been working on my Sonoran shawl (Ravelry link) and have worked up to section 8. The dark green yarn is the one from my YOP random selection, and I added in the other 3 from stash. This is a simple, pretty mindless knit with a lot of garter stitch so it’s perfect for low-key relaxed knitting in the evenings.

Finally this week, I finished cutting out and temporarily fusing the next wool applique I want to work on. This is a sweet little holiday-themed mug rug, smaller than the piece I finished up earlier this year. I wanted to get it this far along to take as a travel project this upcoming week.

That’s all for me this week YOP’ers. If you’re here in the States, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and everyone else have a good week!

25 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 21

  1. I am so in love with your Sonora shawl. What a great stash buster. Your colors flow so nicely together. The hat looks nice and warm. The mug rug applique will be adorable during the upcoming season. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Your shawl looks beautiful. Great colors. I’m using your random color method to pick the next color stripe on my baby blanket. I’ve divided my yarns into dark, medium, and light and then I randomly pick a color for a bag as I work through dark, medium, and light.

  3. I agree that cables show up so much better on a solid yarn color. It’s a stunning hat! I love the shawl and the colors you chose are so pretty together. You are really tempting me when you say is mindless as I could use a project like that right now. Your applique piece is darling. After the holidays I will be getting mine out….it was almost finished! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    1. I haven’t done a Thanksgiving one…. yet. But my DH gifted me a monthly club last year so I have a kit for one which will get done at some point. I’m a sucker for monthly / seasonal items like that. 🙂

  4. Beautiful colors on your shawl! It looks like a great stash buster project. Your hat is lovely. I miss hat knitting/crocheting. We don’t have much need for them in NC. We brought so many with us from NY that we’re all set.

      1. Yes, we plan to knit/crochet some for charity in the New Year! It took a while to find an organization accepting handmade donations due to our CoVid numbers.

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