WIP Wednesday: November 10, 2021

A few non-Year of Projects things on the go right now of note:

Sprocket Socks. Pattern is by Pip and Pin and it’s a fun way to use up some minis or sock yarn scraps. I’ve finished sock #1 and have made it through the heel of sock #2. Hoping to finish this pair up this week. An IG friend saw these and loved them so they’ll be heading to her once they’re finished up. This color scheme is really outside my normal choices but just goes to show it’s good to expand your options occasionally as I like them a lot!

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I’m working on a set of blanket squares using Kate Davies’s Birlinn blanket pattern, which is written for DK, but which I’m using sock yarn scraps for. The original pattern calls for, I believe, 36 squares, but since I’m knitting this with a lighter gauge yarn, I’ll wind up needing more. Honestly tho? I have SO many minis and oddments of sock-weight yarn, I plan to just keep knitting these until I have a batch that I like that makes a square or rectangle and then I’ll put them all together (and then probably start another). Each square uses about 35 yards of sock yarn (about 32 for the colored patterned portion and 2-3 yards for the border – I’m just using a plain undyed sock yarn for the borders so everything will match). This week I’ve finished 2 more blocks to add to the group below, and I’ve got a couple more I’d like to knit this month as well.

Finally, I have gotten through about 75% of the first sleeve of the Oregon Autumn Cardigan from Alice Starmore. I have the final leaf motif and cuff ribbing left to go to finish the sleeve up, and I’m going to try to accomplish that this weekend while my DH is out of town again.

14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: November 10, 2021

    1. Well…. I wouldn’t call it a beginner project for sure. Definitely a project for someone with experience doing stranded colorwork, and someone who has done a steeked project as the instructions are written assuming you have some knowledge of the steps. That said… it’s mostly just following the charts and making notes so everything matches up! 🙂

  1. Those socks are really cool. They’re turning out great, even if they’re not your usual colors. And I love the blanket squares! I’ll have to check that pattern out for when I eventually finish my current scrap sock yarn blanket.

    1. Thanks! I really like the blanket pattern since it allows you to make squares and then knit them together at the end, which suits my color-placement issues (which contributed to my being unsuccessful with the Cozy Memory blanket – all that randomness doesn’t work well for me).

      1. I understand that! I’m a little surprised that I’ve not had a problem with the random color placement on my current scrap blanket. Maybe that’s because I’m following someone else’s suggestion of alternating between dark and light yarns, and so there’s at least a little structure to it.

  2. I love your socks!! (Heading off to Ravelry as soon as I finish this comment…) and then I saw the Alice Starmore sweater. I just love Alice Starmore’s designs. I think that I have all of her books and years ago I made one of her cardigans. Seeing yours makes me want to cast on again. Just thinking of it makes me realize that she is the reason that I started dyeing because I needed so many colors of yarn to make the sweater. I jut love your sweater!!

    1. Thank you so much for that kind comment! The Starmore ladies’ designs are superb and some of my favorites, even if I’ve only knit a handful of them. Happy to enable you and would love to see what you decide to put on the needles if you go that route!

      1. The sweater that I knit so long ago was the Alba Jacket from her Celtic Knits book. I really loved the coat and wore it to shreds. I finally let it go a few months ago. Of course I saw the new Tudor Roses book at my LYS and there was a stunning coat on the cover…

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