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Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 19

I finished up the March Hat (Ravelry link) I was working on last week. This is a freebie pattern from Meghan Babin (now one of the co-owners of Hudson & West, but she was also an Interweave Knits editor for a few years). This is a straightforward knit/purl textured hat and I used up about half of the yardage I had of a natural-colored, oatmeal worsted weight from a small farm shop in Virginia, Carodan Farm. I have enough left to use for another hat but haven’t decided on that for sure. This one, however, will get added to The Reuben Project box I’m knitting hats for this season.

I’ve also been focusing on my spinning this week. I’ve gotten another ounce of singles spun up in my ongoing sweater spin. That leaves me with just one ounce left of braid #1 to spin up into singles (and 3 oz of braid #2 of this color to spin). We were supposed to go camping this weekend but I wasn’t really feeling up to it, so I sent my DH on by himself, which he’s perfectly happy to do, and I found some BBC series I hadn’t watched yet and have been having a quiet weekend, which included spinning so it was a win/win.

Since I finished up the March hat, I am leaning towards casting on another larger project with the skein of Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock to which I’m adding other stash yarns. I spent some time yesterday pulling colors I thought would work together for Sonoran (Ravelry link). I think I’ve settled on the following:

The dark green on the far right in the image is what was on my YOP list. I think the other 3 will work together based on how the pattern is written. Some of the sections just use the yarn by itself, and others combine yarns in stripes or other 2-color pattern sections and I think there’s enough light/dark, bright/cool combinations there to show off the patterned sections. This is a fairly straightforward project but one that uses a lot of yardage. I plan to use it for mindless Zoom calls at work when I just need something to keep my hands busy.

Hope you are having a great weekend YOP’ers!

20 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 19

  1. Your finished hat looks so cozy! I hope it keeps the recipient warm.
    I’m continuously impressed with your even singles, they always look amazing. Spinning whilst binge watching a BBC show in an otherwise quiet house sounds decedent! Happy that was your weekend.

  2. Cozy hat Anne and I love the colors you put together for your Sonoran shawl, it will be pretty. I like mindless knitting for work too, helps to pass time for meetings that are boring. Have a wonderful day and hope you are feeling better.

  3. The yarns for the shawl are going to work splendidly. It will be fun to watch it progress. The hat looks so nice and cozy warm. Lots of nice texture to it too. Your spinning looks so perfect. How nice you had a quite time to sit and spin.

  4. I really like that hat pattern. The yarns you selected will be terrific in that shawl. Can’t wait to see it being knit up. Sounds like a nice weekend. Having some time apart is always nice. Hope you are feeling better though.

  5. Your hat turned out lovely and the yarn is great for showing off the pattern plus it will go with anything. Your spinning is so awesome…I truly admire anyone who can do that. The yarns you’ve chosen for the Sonoran shawl are going to look great together. Enjoy your new cast on!

  6. I love the colour of your hat and yay that you have enough for a second one. I have so many knitted hats now, and I always seem to wear the most recently finished one. I think I will gather some together to donate to the mission downtown. Thanks for the idea.

  7. That’s such a cosy looking hat! I’m really envious of your eye for colour with the Sonoran yarns I think they are going to work really well together. I’m pleased to hear you had a lovely quiet weekend of spinning and TV, did you watch anything good?

    1. Thank you! I wound up putting several different choices into the mix before I found the right one but I think it’ll work too. I watched 2 BBC things – An Inspector Comes which was good but a bit odd in terms of the script/story. I thought it was a realistic kind of storyline and it sort of is, but there’s a lot of symbolism in it too. The other was The ABC Murders which was a 3-part series of the Agatha Christie story. It was beautifully filmed and I LOVED all the old rail stations they used as the settings for it. I thought John Malkovich was an odd choice for Poirot, however. His English with an accent is horrible. I think I liked David Suchet in the role better but it kept me entertained as the story is intriguing.

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