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Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 17

First up, this week, I’m happy to say I finished up my Cozy Autumn Socks (Ravelry link). Pattern is from This Handmade Life and I enjoyed knitting these a lot. A nice mix of some interesting bits and some easy rounds, so nothing too complicated. The yarn is Suburban Stitcher’s Sock in the color “Maple”. I love how these came out. They aren’t my usual color palette but I’m keeping them to wear. I figure socks along with jeans (which is pretty much my uniform) work with any color.

I’ve also been spinning a bit, trying to get back to my 15 minutes a day habit and was mostly successful this week (except for one day) despite it being really busy at work right now. My DH has also been on a business trip all week which is both good and bad in terms of crafting time. (We have kitchen countertops being installed Monday so I’ve been unpacking all of the lower cupboards…. again… because all of that happened once already in July when we had the cabinets done but the countertops were delayed.) I’ve just gotten started on the first of 6 more ounces of the BFL/silk roving I showed you the sample skein from last weekend. Not great progress but “some” is better than “none”!

Finally, I decided on a new wool applique kit to start. I have 12 months of small(ish) candle or mug mats in kits. I am always a sucker for anything seasonal, so I decided I’d work on the December one, although I don’t know if I’ll have it done for this year’s holidays. I’d like to have these for my desk to enjoy while I’m at work during the day. I got the backing (the red plaid flannel) cut out and the black that the motifs will be stitched onto, and I did the first step by tracing all the bits and pieces of the applique and attaching them to the fusible web. I’ll cut out all the motifs next and fuse them onto the black wool, and can then have a relatively portable project to work on to sew the pieces down.

I need to get a pattern picked out for the worsted weight yarn that’s next on my YOP list. I know cables but I’m trying to decide between mittens and a hat (or something else). I’ve got about 300 yards or so of a neutral oatmeal wool so I’m thinking a unisex charity piece of some kind. I’ll settle on that this week and see if I can get it cast on before next check-in.

Have a great week YOP’ers!

22 thoughts on “Year of Projects 2021-2022: Week 17

  1. Oh those are beautiful and I really like the color you chose for them too. Olivia’s patterns are always the best. I too have been getting back into the habit of spinning 15 minutes a day, which is paying off. I really do love the fiber you are spinning Anne, so pretty. You have the best candle mat projects and this one is awesome! Enjoy your day 😊

    1. She does have some great patterns. Interesting but not overly complex. I am trying to get back into that habit too. I lapsed for a year and I feel like I should be spinning “more” but I’m always amazed how much I get done in a week with just those 15 minutes.

  2. Those socks look super cosy! I’m not really a colour person but I’m coming around to the idea that socks might be a great way to use some of the lovely bright yarns I’m attracted to but would never actually wear as a sweater etc.

  3. Those socks are really pretty. The color is perfect for autumn. Looks like you have some pretty handspun happening too. What weight will you make it into? That applique kit is precious. Hopefully you will be able to complete it in time to put on your desk at work for Christmas.

  4. Your cosy autumn socks are gorgeous 😍 I want some of those! And the spinning is perfect – love the colour.

  5. I always tried to make my deck fun – seasonal mugs, colored pens, colorful post-it notes, etc. Seasonal mug cozies sounds like a great idea to me. Your socks came out great. Your spun fiber looks gorgeous too.

  6. The socks look great and I agree. I wear jeans everyday and my handknit socks always go with them. Your seasonal projects look like fun, and fingers crossed by starting now the December one will be ready to go by, well, December!

  7. I love the sound of your new applique projects. The autumn socks seem perfect for the season. I’d like to get back to spinning 15 mins a day. Maybe I’ll challenge myself to do that in November as it should help with the stress of the kitchen.

  8. The socks look great! And the plan for the spinning time is good, also. (I’ve still been spinning in fits and spurts; more than I had been doing, but nothing planned out at all.) Your applique project looks fun. I’ve always wanted to do that kind of project, but the time or two I tried, I never settled to it enough to finish the project.

  9. I really love those socks and the yarn you knit them with is so pretty. Your handspun yarn is also really lovely. YOur wool applique is going to be so cute! I need to go drag mine out. Have a great week!

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