WIP Wednesday: October 5, 2021

A bunch of things on the needles right now to share, including one stealth start and finish, so let’s jump right in!

Keepsake (Ravelry Link): Romi Hill has a new “oddment’s” collection that just released full of small/one-skein type projects. I really enjoyed making several from her previous collection, so I grabbed this one as well having seen the first of the collection, which is Keepsake. This is a little gift-sized or sachet-sized bag knit with sock-yarn scraps and embellished. I thought it would be perfect as a holiday gift-giving bag. (I even have a small present already tucked inside mine). This is a really quick project and uses around 35 yards of yarn, but it can be any odds and ends you have lying around. There are detailed step-by-step instructions included for all the embellishments, but you could also add your own. I think this would be pretty with some small beads included as well. I’ll likely wind up making a few of these to tuck into gifts this year.

Tailfeather (Ravelry Link): I’m just about done this one and should have it off the needles and blocked by the end of the week. I’m using some leftover Shalimar Yarns Homage DK for this generous squishy scarf. It’s a blend of 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/silk in the colorway Water’s Edge and is REALLY nice to have wrapped around your neck. I am happy to have a reason to have this yarn made up into something usable (and also another 500 or so yards out of stash).

Finally, I’ve been working on the Saligna sweater test knit from The Lace and Cable Co. I have the body completely finished (and it’s in need of a good blocking), and started sleeve #1, which I’d like to get finished this week. I have the colorwork portion of the upper arm finished, so it’s just plain stockinette now to the cuff.

Right now, I feel like I’ve got too many big projects on the go. I decided to put my Stella sweater preview knit (the pattern actually released Friday) on hold while I finish up the Saligna sweater. While I don’t have a ton left to go on it, it IS on size 2 needles with fingering weight yarn, so it’s not a super speedy project. Once I get Saligna finished up, I need to focus on my Oregon cardigan for a bit for a deadline check-in point. And then I can get back to Stella to finish her up.

I’m taking an online sewing class (which isn’t really about sewing in some ways, but more about mindful capsule wardrobe creation – it’s not a “learn to sew” or “learn a technique” class) and I have two projects I’d like to make. One calls for garment-weight linen and the other needs a heavy coat-weight wool (like Melton). Does anyone out there in blog-land have a good source for either? I have a few options I’ve found online but if you have one you’d recommend, I’d love to know!

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: October 5, 2021

  1. These projects are coming along great, and the FO is so cute! I know what you mean about having too many big projects on the needles, though. I’m feeling that, too. I suspect I’ll be setting aside my current shawl until after my fingering weight tee is finished. (I just haven’t decided to commit to that yet, even though I haven’t knit on the shawl in a few weeks.)

    1. Thank you! I dunno… is it the time of the year we’re all about big projects or garment quests? It’s really rare for me to have multiple garments on the go at once, but yet, here we are!

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