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September Recap – October Plans

Since October is fast approaching, I wanted to do a recap of my September plans and how I did on those goals, and talk about some October plans as well.

Knitting Goals – September:

  1. Started and finished the Brooklyn Tweed preview knit of the Elzy hat.
  2. Salinga sweater test knit: Started and in progress. My plan is to finish this mid-October or so.
  3. Oregon cardigan: Didn’t touch this at all in September. I got sidetracked by other garment knitting so this will be out in October for some progress.
  4. Birlinn Blanket Squares: Started and finished 2 for the month.
  5. Stillness Shawl: I’m SO close to a finish. I think I can still get this done by October 1st.
  6. Started and finished the Fallen Cowl.

Books/Reading Goals – September: Started the Fall into Reading Challenge and really enjoying it. So far, I’ve read 7 books in September and might have another one finished up by the time the month turns over.

Other Things Goals – September: I did finish up the Vintage Campers wool applique project and happy to have that bigger piece done!


Knitting Goals – October:

  1. Finish the Saligna test knit.
  2. Finish the body on the Oregon cardi. That will leave me a sleeve to knit to meet my end-of-November goal on that project.
  3. Progress on the Stella sweater. While I don’t have a specific deadline for this preview knit, I am a bit antsy about carrying over so many garment-sized projects so I’d like to get this one as close to done as I can.
  4. Finish knitting the Tailfeather stole I’ve started.
  5. I’ll have 6 or 7 smaller projects to turn in for classes for the Harry Potter group I’m in. I’ve got some socks and a hat, and a couple of blanket squares I can use for these but I’ll pick and choose these once I see what the class assignments are.

I realized in looking at my Year of Projects 2021-2022 list that I might need to select some other smaller, single-skein projects to use up the yarns I’ve earmarked. While a big project eats through more stash yardage, right now, I can’t see myself casting on for yet another sweater and I’ve got 3 on my remaining YOP list, and I need to plot out some smaller things like socks to balance out those big ones. So, a possible revamp of some selected projects might be happening for that list.

Books/Reading – October:

Since I’ve been doing so well on the Fall into Reading Challenge, I decided to bump up my books from 15 to 24. I have two more from the prompts started – a nonfiction book on the Black Prince and the Battle of Poitiers, and a middle grade book by Victoria (VE) Schwab I’m really enjoying – so I feel like I can probably get through the 24, or pretty close. The new prompts I’ll be picking books for are in the brown (not white) text. So I’m going to try to tackle another 8 books in October to get to the two-thirds mark on the board.

Other Things – October:

  1. I need to get back to spinning a bit each day, so that’s a goal for October, and to work on the final batch of roving for the sweater spin I’m in process with. Nicole @bookwyrmknits – please nudge me!
  2. If I have time, and suspicious that I won’t, I will try to get the pieces for the next wool applique piece traced and cut out.
  3. Finally, I need to label/tag and pack up charity knits for the two groups I’m sending items to this year. If I can get those shipped by mid-October, then I know they’ll be there in plenty of time for holiday/cold weather use by those folks.

5 thoughts on “September Recap – October Plans

  1. You have been very productive. I am impressed with the number of knitting projects you have going. My limit is 3; any more than that and I find myself languishing. Do you read books or listen to audio books? I do a combination of both. There is nothing like a real book!

    1. Honestly? It’s kind of more than I like to have on the go at once but I’ve been in a cast-on mood apparently. I do both but mostly print/read. I usually have an audiobook on the go for my morning dog walks, but I like to read the print versions better too.

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