WIP Wednesday: September 21, 2021

Here’s what I’m currently working on that’s not a Year of Project project:

  1. Lineate Hat (Ravelry link), pattern by Elizabeth Doherty of Bluebee Studios. I love her design sense and all the details she includes in a pattern, and this one is no exception. I’m knitting this using two half-skeins of the Valkyrie yarn base from Sincere Sheep that was part of her Made Here club from 2 years ago. They are a blend of 50/50 Cormo wool and alpaca in a fingering weight and are SO soft. The gray is an undyed colorway called “Cumulus” and the purple is a naturally dyed shade called “Lupine”. Both of them are gorgeous and just moving them through my fingers is a treat.

2. Stella: This is a preview knit for Hudson and West, so I don’t have any photos to show you of the finished sweater yet (it releases on Sept 29th as part of their fall collection), but it’s a boxy V-neck pullover with some fun crossed textural stitches at the center front, and plain stockinette throughout. The pattern is designed by JP Knits and she apparently is aware of the dreaded Second Sleeve Syndrome, since the pattern starts with you knitting both sleeves. It’s got raglan shaping but unlike many raglans out there, it’s knit all in pieces and seamed. I actually don’t mind seaming things up; it allows you to block each of the garment pieces precisely, and it gives a bit of structure to the final piece. I’m just about finished sleeve one (I always forget how fast stockinette + worsted knits up). I’m using Hudson and West’s Forge in the colorway Dusk, which is a soft, dusty pink I adore.

3. Finally, I’m still working away on the Saligna test knit. The designer was really generous with the deadline, which isn’t until October, so I’m taking my time with this one. I’m using Brooklyn Tweed Loft for my version and have knit through the colorwork sections of the body. The remainder of the body is in stockinette and it’s in the round, so just miles of that to get through (while I binge watch or read something entertaining). There is a bit more colorwork on the sleeves, and then they will also finish up with the plain stockinette. Really enjoying this one and anxious to have it in my closet for the hoped-for-soon-to-come fall weather.

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