WIP Wednesday: September 14, 2021

A few new things to mention this week for my WIP in Wednesday (non-Year of Projects things):

  1. I cast on for a Dots and Lines hat, pattern by Justyna Lorkowska. This is a textured DK-weight hat and it gave me an excuse to work through a single skein of Hedgehog Fibres DK merino in a potluck colorway. This isn’t a colorway I can wear well but it really says “Fall!” to me with the deep russet red and burgundy and purples. I’m about halfway through the main body of the hat and chugging along on this during waiting times (of which there are a lot this week).

2. I also cast on for yet another preview knit. This one is for Hudson and West, and is the Stella Sweater which will release at the end of the month. It’s knit in worsted weight, and I decided to use H&W’s Forge in the color Dusk, which is a soft dusty rose-pink. The pattern has you start with the sleeves, so I’ve cast on sleeve #1 and I’m cruising along as it’s basic stockinette. The body of the sweater has raglan shaping for the sleeves, a V-neck and a fun textured stitch running vertically up the front.

3. And I’ve been working along on the Saligna Sweater test knit. I finished the yoke to the point where the body and sleeves are separated, and now I’m just working on the body itself. It has some colorwork patterning that travels partway down the body and sleeves before the solid main color stockinette sections at the bottom of each. Still really enjoying this knit and all the beautiful colors in it.

Despite being firmly in a sweater knitting mode right now, our weather is seriously not cooperating. All last week and forecast for the next week are upper 80s to 90 degree (F) temperatures which is HOT for us in mid-September here in the mountains. It is at least cooling down into the lower 50s (F) overnight which makes the mornings feel wonderful but I am more than ready for a change in the weather when the day stays cool and crisp with a cold wind out of the northwest. Hoping it won’t be long now!

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: September 14, 2021

  1. I love that top yarn, it’s definitely fall. I’m impressed you can even think about sweaters in that heat but this is knitting up beautifully. I look forward to seeing you progress with it.

  2. These are al really pretty knits! I love the way the colors all work together in the post (though I’m sure that wasn’t intended). I’m so ready for sweater weather, too… but I’m in California, and it’s still late summer here.

    1. It’s still summer here too but I am hopeful it will happen sooner rather than later. August wasn’t a very hot month for us, but the heat’s been cranked up again here and I’m ready for it to be much much cooler!

  3. I really love that hat pattern. I always purchase a special single skein when I go to a festival or yarn crawl and love finding patterns that highlight the colorway. Everything looks lovely.

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