WIP Wednesday: September 8, 2021

Catching up with a couple of non-Year of Projects items today.

I signed on for a stranded colorwork yoke sweater test knit for The Cable and Lace Co, after browsing through some tester calls over on Ravelry. I really liked the soft pinks and grays and almost neutral feel of the designer’s original palette, which I think is what drew me to the design. It’s inspired by the Saligna or eucalyptus trees of her home country.

The Cable and Lace Co’s Saligna Sweater

The designer used a merino/possum fur blend and while I do love those colors, I decided to stash dive and see what I had instead. I didn’t have quite enough Brooklyn Tweed Loft in stash so I had to order a few skeins for mine, but since I did a gauge swatch first and managed to hit the pattern gauge, I was okay doing that. My color palette is a bit brighter but I like how it’s coming out so far and I think it will be beautiful.

I’m a bit further through the big motif that’s growing over on the left side of that image. Once that large motif is done, I’ll be at the point I can split the arms from the body. I’d like to try to get to that point and work on the body down to where the plain MC stockinette starts this week if I can. So far it’s a really nicely written pattern and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

Next up, another stranded knitting project – this is a preview knit for Brooklyn Tweed’s School’s Out collection, the Elzy Hat. The pattern launches September 15th, so in just another week or so! I’m using Peerie, which is called for in the pattern, and opted to do the 3-color version (the pattern gives you a 2-color and 3-color chart to work from). I’m using Loam (dark brown), Norway (the pale blue-green) and Patina (gold).

This is a pretty speedy knit so I’m cruising along on this one. I could envision it in a multi-colored version too, maybe using a neutral light for the blue and then a bunch of rainbow minis or scraps for the pattern motif bands.

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